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What are some problems with Neighborhood Watch Programs?

I think a neighborhood watch program would be good for our neighborhood. I've done some research on it and I've found how to start one and some stategies, however I'm not finding any information about problems I may encounter and advice on how to go about improving it. I know there has got to be some problems that could cause this program not to work.. nothing is flawless.. unfortunately...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I was a Neighborhood Watch "captain" about 30 years ago. I did not encounter any problems except at one meeting, everyone wanted to discuss the family that had been neglecting their children, then I was faced with how to 'not invite' one was a hard decision, but that family never participated anyway. I would think of different things to do for each meeting and most of the neighbors enjoyed getting together.

    One meeting was outside on my side patio, I asked for the officers who patrol to come by shortly after the meeting started (everyone had complained that there was no one patrolling). The neighbors were shocked when the patrol car pulled up and two officers got out. They discussed how often they patrol and what they are looking for.

    Another meeting I invited an officer to come from our local precinct to answer questions about what can legally be done if someone broke in on us. She also discussed how to label or mark our belongings in case they are stolen. She said they don't mind giving back the stolen property to the owners, but the owners had to have a way to say it belonged to them.

    I had a couple of teenagers come to one meeting and gave out their numbers for babysitting, dog walking or mowing lawns---that worked out great for everyone.

    The only other thing I had a problem with is ideas. But we always enjoyed the meetings and we exchanged numbers in case of something suspicious, we could reach the owners who were at work or off somewhere (this was before cell phones).

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  • 1 decade ago

    the program is to help the crime rate go down----here is the problem---no1 wants to be in the 1 who walks up and down the street with a camera to get the number of the license of the car that has hoods in it-no 1 wants to catch the bad guy in the act-no1 wants to call 911 right away----its hard to be in a group when no 1 wants to do the work--you can be in the group but you have to get the bad guy 4 people to be safe

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