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American Civics please help me I will give you your poits for the best answer?

1. What powers do state governments and the federal government share?

A. coining money

B. local government

C. enact and enforce laws

D. foreign trade

2. To receive ______ from the federal government, states must contribute a share of money and

agree to some regulations.

A. tax levies

B. reserved powers

C. federal troops

D. grants-in-aid

3. supporters of ______ argue that because states created the national government, the national

government's power should be secondary to states' power.

A. federalism

B. states' rights view

C. environmentalism

D. a nationalist view

4. Which geographic unit is organized to deal with a specific function?

A. ward

B. commission

C. special district

D. county seat

5. Who makes sure none of the county's money is spent without the county board's approval?

A. county clerk

B. auditor

C. assessor

D. county treasurer

6. _______ schools are alternative schools open to public school students and receive funding

from the state.

A. Magnet

B. charter

C. Rural

D. Inner-City

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. C

    2. D

    3. B

    4. C

    5. B

    6. B

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