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Do you also think the IOC did a nice job using that smaller ice rink?

Coincidentally it favors the more physical team and we all know who those teams are. Why even have any standards for ice rinks in the first place if they IOC just makes sure that the home teams get the advantage. Are we also gonna change the field in soccer now to make it tougher for a team like Brazil, so the less skilled teams can run around and cross check everyone just like they do in hockey?

I mean just think about it, the IOC spends so much money. I wonder who slipped them some money to use that smaller ice rink. It wouldn't have cost them that much to rebuild the ice rink a little. The reason they use it is obvious.


If the IOC and international hockey use the bigger ice rink, then let's use it. All I'm saying is, why do they all of a sudden change it just because the Olympics are in Canada? Maybe to favor the home team???

Update 2:

@Justin: At other Olympics they even build ice hockey arenas from the ground up or completely rebuild them. So how would those costs they would have incurred have stood in comparison? It's obvious why they did it.

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    You may want to do a little research and you'll realize that this 'NHL sized' rink idea was brought up at the 2005 IIHF meetings by Russia and the Czech Republic, and was passed in November 2007

    As for "money to rebuild the rink a little' - no money required, GM Place is already capable of using both ice surfaces with the push of a button.

    Nice Try - Come again real soon

  • The IIHF agreed through 2014 that any tournaments played in North America will be played on NHL-sized rinks. This has applied to the 2008/09, 2009/10, and subsequent 2010/11 WJC (U-20) and the Olympics. This was not done was negotiated years ago.

    The IOC does not bear the construction cost for new facilities...the host city/country do. It would have involved doing a temporary retrofit of GM Place (christened Canada Hockey Place for the Olympics) and (importantly) eliminating several hundred prime seats. Given that Montreal 1976 was a financial disaster and Calgary 1988 marginally better, not having to spend billions of Canadian taxpayer dollars (mine for one) on new facilities...sounds like a brilliant idea. They did build infrastructure (new highway to Whistler, new airport road into downtown, etc.) but that will continue to benefit the city and visitors.

    According to FIFA there are no specific sizes for football pitches other than minimum widths, so yes, Brazil could have a slightly wider than minimum pitch if they wanted.

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    You're an idiot. "It wouldn't have cost them that much to rebuild the ice rink a little." I suppose you work in the ice rink business? The IOC allowed VANOC to use smaller rinks beacuse ths cost WOULD have been that much to retrofit the rinks. This wasn't the first time that NHL sized rinks were used in international play in North America. And since you seem to be insinuating that the size benefits Canada and that the Russians would have won on a larger rink, I will remind you that 14 of 23 Russian players play in the NHL, and of the remaning 9, six have played in the NHL for the majority of their careers.

    Like I'm Telling... - you're probably right about GM place but I doubt the rink at UBC would be able to.

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    The last few winter Olympics played in North America used NHL sized rinks. In 06 in Torino they used a European sized rink b/c they were in Europe. they don't just worry about the competition for the 2 weeks; they have to think of what business they can make after the Olympics leave town. it doesn't make sense for a multi-million dollar rink/facility to be built that isn't regulation size for local leagues thus ruining its potential for future games, which in turn lowers the amount of money to be made.

    And when i refer to "they" i'm not talking about the IOC or the IIHF. i'm talking about the company's that were contracted to build the facilities.

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    This tournament is full of guys who play on the smaller rink in the NHL. It's not like they're unfamiliar with it. I'm not sure why you'd complain about it -- I haven't heard any of the players complain.

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    So you want the more physical teams to not have an advantage? That's not the hockey I know.

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    Big advantage 4 us

  • You are an idiot....... 90% of these guys make their living on this size of ice.....get a grip!!!

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