Why does Shiloh get dressed like a boy while Zahara Jolie-Pitt get dressed like a girl?

Shiloh has been getting dressed like a boy since she was a newborn and a lot of up until now Recent Pictures she has been dressing exactly like a boy had she not been pictured with her parents I would have thought that was a boy Zahara always be lookng like a girl wearing pretty girly clothes her picking her own clothes is not an excuse bcos she has been dressed like that No, they are not my children but I'm just concerned and curious Shiloh shouldn't get looked down upon bcos she wasn't an orphan Her parents choose her to be here not her I'm keeping it real whether you all like it or not

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  • Mary
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    1 decade ago
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    Ah get a grip, the kid likes dressing in those clothes and every child has their own little individual characteristics.

    I dressed like a boy till I was in my twenties, nothing wrong with it

  • 1 decade ago

    thank you!! i thought i was also the only one to found this weird and kinda bothersome! i have just been googling this now...and a lot of ppl r curious...and some shrinks (that do not treat the jolie pitt or the kids) are concerned that this is gonna create a big gender confusion for shiloh. Yea i agree..maybe she picks her own clothes..but she has been dressed like that since she was a baby so those are the only clothes she knows because of angie and brad. I think they need to put her in a dress as soon as possible. such a shame how they are almost brain washing her..unless she has something else going on and she is two gendered and they are just letting her be her find her own gender. Idk...it almost seems as if angie is using shiloh to prove a point in society...poor child.

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