What do I do if my employer can't provide me the form AR-TX?

I'm trying to re-submit my taxes to the state of Arkansas for 2008. I have 5 employers who do not know what the form AR-TX is. They do not know what the Border City Exemption is, and don't know how to provide me with the form.

How to I approach this? Is there a way of obtaining the form blank and filling it out myself or is there another name for the form? I lived in Texarkana, Arkansas all of 2008, so I should be 100% exempt from state taxes.


All of the employers know what the W2 is, obviously.. but form AR-TX is for the Border City Exemption. I was a resident of Texarkana, Arkansas.... and border city exemption means whether you live in Texarkana, Texas, or Texarkana, Arkansas.. you do not have to pay Arkansas tax on wages earned in Arkansas.

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    you should receive a W2 or 1099 from your previous employers

    try going to your states web site and find the form your looking for, I am in CA and unfamiliar with that form you are asking for

  • tevis
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    4 years ago

    Form Ar-tx

  • tro
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    1 decade ago

    re submit your taxes? why ever? once you have filed either Federal or state for a specific year, you only amend that return, not refile(or resubmit)

    if you worked in Ark but lived in Tx your tax home is where you worked and that would be Ark where you would file a state return there

    Texas has no state income tax therefore you don't need anything to file there

    and any official form should be completed by the person or person who are responsible for it, you can't do a 'dummy' yourself and assume it is legal

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