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Got citation @ work improper backing?

im @ a gas station to service there trap i hit the corner of there roof the damage is small but me and the manager had words he call the cop. they gave me a job is fixing the little damage. my question is can they gave me a citation it on Private property and the pole marker is locate in the wrong spot. it should have been line up with the out line of the roof.

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    I believe you are asking if a cop can write a ticket on private property? If so, the answer is yes. The property is open to the public so a ticket can be written. Also, when you backed up, you caused damage, hence the improper backing charge. Lots of cops write tickets at accidents, that helps the insurance companies determine who pays. As to the pole marker not in the right spot, that is up to the insurance company to determine if it caused the accident, but feel free to use that (with photos) in court.

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