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What are some songs that Represent Canada?

other than oh Canada what are some songs that represent canada or are about canada and everything about it.

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    Canada in My Pocket– Michael Mitchell

    Cariboo Gold Rush– Shawna Aude

    Confederation Canada– Shawna Audet

    Fly High– Michael Mitchell

    Foolish Frobisher– Shawna Audet

    A Great and Beautiful Country– Gary Huntbatch

    Groseilliers and Radisson– Shawna Audet

    Henry Hudson's Last Letter– Shawna Audet

    In Canada– Mr. I

    Lower Canada Rebellion Rap– Shawna Audet

    Maple Sugar Time– Michael Mitchell

    Tom Sukanen's Dream– Shawna Audet

    Upper Canada Rebellion– Shawna Audet

    Water– Michael Mitchell

    Cape Cod Shanty– Mr. I

    Cariboo Road– Mr. I

    Farewell Nova Scotia– Michael Mitchell

    I'se the B'y– Michael Mitchell

    Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor– Michael Mitchell

    Land of the Silver Birch– Mr. I

    Little Old Sod Shanty– Michael Mitchell

    O Canada!– Traditional

    Red River Cart Song– Michael Mitchell

    Big Changes– Sara Jordan Publishing

    Canada First– Sara Jordan Publishing

    Canada had Come of Age– Sara Jordan Publishing

    Little Guy from Shawinigan– Sara Jordan Publishing

    A Nation Strong and Free– Sara Jordan Publishing

    Prime Ministers Are People Too– Shawna Audet

    Prosperity, Depression, Recovery, then War– Sara Jordan Publishing

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    Here is just a partial list of what I found. On top of that almost every province of Canada has its own songs to add to this list, there add up to quite a number.

    At The Canada Jubilee

    Bells of Canada

    Canada, Land of the Maple Tree

    Canada in My Pocket

    The Canada Song

    Canada Is


    A Canadian Date

    The Canadian Boat Song

    Canadian Folk 'Overture'

    The Canadian Girl

    Canadian Man

    Drink Canada Dry

    The Flowers of Canada Song

    The Get Going Canada Song

    The Green Fields of Canada

    God Bless You Canada

    Hockey Night in Canada Theme

    - Lacrosse, Our National Game

    I Am Canadian!

    I Love You Canada

    May God Preserve Thee Canada

    My Own Canadian Home

    Our Great Canadian Flag

    Proud Canadian Soldier

    Song for Canada

    Sweet, Sweet Canada

    Team Canada 2002

    This Is Canada

    Un Canadien Errant (A Wandering Canadian)

    Young Man From Canada

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    Oh Canada by Classified.

    On my most current playlist cause its pretty awesome, and touches on many of the stereotypes constantly discussed in Y/A.

    Great song. Check it out, the link is below.

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    If you are from Western Canada, The Rodeo song is almost an Anthem.

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    Blue Canadian Rockies

    Source(s): Recorded in the 40s?
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    All those in those other lists plus

    Right now it would have to be

    I Believe by Nikki Yanofsky

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    Back in 1967 it was definitely

    Ca-Na-Da by Bobby Gimby

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    Well, damn. I was gonna say "Oh, Canada".

    I know the words to it, thanks to That '70s Show.

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    God save the Queen eh.

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