What can I do for my friend with baby blues?

I never had it, so Im not sure how it is. Her husband came by yesterday (shes my husbands cousin) and said that she said that she felt even sadder than when her mom died when she was a teen. What can I do for her or what can I do to help her get over this?

She has one 18 month old and a week old. Her husband isnt helping too much as he has been over at our house using his recording studio he has here, and he has just left her alone.

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    She must feel completely and totally overwhelmed and alone. Having to raise an 18 month old AND a week old baby with two parents is hard enough -- having to basically do it by yourself is mind-boggling.

    First and foremost, offer and give as much support as possible. If you can, offer to watch her babies while she does something for herself, like get a pedicure.

    Secondly, encourage her to get help. Have her talk to her ob/gyn about how she's feeling. With as much stress as she's under, it wouldn't surprise me if she's suffering from full-blown post partum depression and not just the baby blues. Either way, her mental health needs to be a top priority.

    And then when she's strong enough, she needs to have a serious sit-down with her husband. He needs to be contributing a hell of a lot more than it sounds like he is.

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    If there is anyway that you can do it, the best thing would be to go watch the kids for a few hours/day and let her just get some sleep or go out and do something. She is probably very sleep deprived which will only exacerbate her postpartum depression. It is very important that she tell her ob/gyn how she is feeling. She may need meds to even out her hormones and help with the depression before something bad happens.

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    I would say perhaps helping her out and letting her get a break sometime would be helpful. Letting her get out and do some shopping, get a massage or something along those lines could help with the stress. Or just being there letting her vent could help. Also tell the dad to man up and help his wife.

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    SMACK her husband upside the head with a bottle of baby oil and tell him rub her feet he needss to take care of his wife. Lots of men feel inferior when it comes to taking care of the kids but for goodness sakes at least he can be there for his wife.

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    Well husband needs to pay more attention to his wife. Sounds like he is a jerk. Somebody needs to tell him that his wife needs him.. I feel sorry for her. She needs company to try to get her out of this slump.. Hun just be supportive of her and just get her to open up and talk.. It wont last long.

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    Company and outings work wonders.

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