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Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team?

First Fantasy Baseball Team of the year. I typically make 3.

So what do you think of this team? I had the 2nd overall pick and I think it turned out well. Its a 10 man H2H league.


C - Brian McCann (Atl)

1B - Derrek Lee (ChC)

2B - Brandon Phillips (Cin)

3B - Ian Stewart (Col)

SS - Hanley Ramirez (Fla)

2B/SS - Rickie Weeks (Mil)

1B/3B - James Loney (LAD)

OF - Matt Holliday (StL)

OF - Torii Hunter (LAA)

OF - Jay Bruce (Cin)

OF - Denard Span (Min)

OF - Corey Hart (Mil)

Util - Nick Swisher (NYY)

Bench - Chris Young (Ari)

Bench - Jhonny Peralta (Cle)


SP - Dan Haren (Ari)

SP - Chris Carpenter (StL)

SP - Chad Billingsley (LAD)

SP - Jair Jurrjens (Atl)

SP - J.A. Happ (Phi)

SP - Ben Sheets (Oak)

RP - Mariano Rivera (NYY)

RP - Francisco Cordero (Cin)

RP - Brian Fuentes (LAA)

Bench - Johnny Cueto (Cin)


"Landon Donovan" you are a retard. I'm actually going to school for Sports Journalism and I can give an extensive reasoning for every pick I made. I probably know a lot more about baseball than you do and I probably know a lot more about Soccer than you, you stupid piece of ****.

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    I think it looks weak for a 10 team league team,and I'd rate it a 5.5 out of 10..

    I think you wasted early picks on Carpenter + Haren when there's plenty of pitching to be had in the later rounds.In 10 team leagues you need dominating offenses,or you will get mowed over.

    The main reason I'm criticising Haren + Carpenter is that Haren is not a good 2nd half pitcher,and Carpenter is old,and injury prone..I think your offense could've used those early picks to get better

    1st,and 3rd basemen; Or,even a better OFer..If I didn't know better,I would've guessed this team is from a 12 team league..Also,I'd dump Peralta + Young for more SPs,and/or closers,because they are not worth owning at this point in their careers..(I hope this helps you with your next team(s)..

    The SP position is extremely deep this year,and I can see getting 1 ace in the 1st 6 rounds,but don't waste 2 picks on pitchers that eartly.)

    g()()d (_uCk

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  • 3 years ago

    in case you want my truthful opinion, im no longer gonna get ultimate answer. your going to furnish ultimate answer to whoever says "wow ur team is a ten/10 so reliable omg i such as you". properly, I could be truthful, your team is in all probability going to be suffering with to dodge final place on your league. prince fielder is fairly great, yet ur following couple of possibilities have been questionable. crawford is powerful for familiar and steals, yet no longer a lot else. mags is fairly reliable too, yet thats approximately it. polanco is a one million stat guy, johjima is a 0 stat guy, lowell is getting previous, renteria has never been that great plus he's getting previous. your pitching team has smoltz, hudson, then rubbish. rafael soriano is powerful, yet you have basically like 4 reliable gamers on your team. my team in a 12 guy league has a-rod, bj upton, garrett atkins, curtis granderson, bobby abreu, hideki matsui on offense, which might in fact wreck yours. my pitching team consists of john lackey, fracisco liriano, james shields, it quite is greater constructive than yours too. im no longer basically attempting to brag, yet i'm hoping your league is a sixteen guy league in any different case your no longer triumphing something until you sign this years ryan braun

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  • 1 decade ago

    Looking pretty good. I would say thats a solid lineup. Nothing amazing, but I think you will do well. Would have been cool to see Derek Jeter in there though ;)

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  • 1 decade ago


    terrible lineup, do you know anything about baseball you pathetic twit?

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