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What is that braid like thing around the shoulder of a US army officer's uniform, and why do only men have it?

It's over the shoulder and it's braided I've seen it come in blue or white and it's usually on the right or left shoulder and I noticed only the men have it on their uniforms, females do not, how come? Also Major Zod from Smallville wore that braid like thing on his Kryptonian officer uniform. What does the braid like thing symbolize, and also what did the purple patch on Major Zod's uniform symbolize?

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    There are two cords that Army personnel wear. One is the aiguillette, the other is the blue Infantry cord.

    In the case of the aiguillette, John has already quoted the relevant regulation. As you can see, it is worn by both men and women.

    In the case of the blue Infantry cord, it is only worn by Infantry personnel, and those are exclusively men, by Federal law.

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    Uniform Braid

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    As stated, if it's light blue then it's our Infantry Cord. Another explanation is if it's a slightly different shade of blue and has a small shield on the end of it then it's the Schutzensneir(sp) which is the German Marksmanship badge. A lot of us in Germany got to earn one stationed there. It's a blue cord so it could very well be what it is you're speaking of.

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    You're asking a question about a made up alien race fake uniform? Come on, really?

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    4000. AIGUILLETTES (See figs. 4-1 and 4-2.)

    1. General. Unless specifically authorized by the CMC, only those officers listed below will wear aiguillettes.

    a. Service aiguillettes consist of the number of loops indicated:

    (1) Four loops - Personal aides to the President or Vice President; aides at the White House; aides to the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Defense, Secretary or Under Secretary of the Navy, and Assistant Secretaries of Defense or the Navy; aide to the General Counsel of the Navy; and naval attaches and assistant attaches assigned to an embassy. Naval attaches and assistant attaches may wear aiguillettes only within areas of accreditation, except when specifically requested and accompanying an ambassador or foreign service officer to whom accredited at an official function.

    (2) Four loops - Aides to generals, admirals, or officials of higher grade.

    (3) Three loops - Aides to lieutenant generals or vice admirals.

    (4) Two loops - Aides to major/brigadier generals, rear admirals, or other officers of lower grade entitled to an aide.

    b. Officers appointed as aides to a governor of a state or territory may wear aiguillettes on official occasions. If worn, service aiguillettes will have two loops.

    c. Aides to top-ranking foreign representatives visiting the United States will wear aiguillettes when so ordered. An aiguillette appropriate to the official's grade to whom attached will be worn.

    d. Administrative Assistants to Deputy Chiefs of Staff at Headquarters Marine Corps may wear the aiguillette when acting in the capacity of Aide de Camp. The aiguillette appropriate to the grade of the Deputy Chief of Staff to whom attached will be worn.

    e. Aides to the President, Vice-President, foreign heads of state, and aides at the White House will wear aiguillettes on the right shoulder. All other aides will wear aiguillettes on the left shoulder.

    f. When the fourragere is worn with an aiguillette, it will be worn under the aiguillette.

    2. Dress

    Fig4-1.gif (4864 bytes)a. Dress aiguillettes are of round gold cord ¼ inch in diameter, with a core of yellow cotton covered with gold or gilt thread. It consists of two cords made in three plaits, with a pencil attachment on the end of each plaited cord, and of two loops of single cord. The rear plaited cord is 28 inches long and the front plaited cord is 20 inches long; the front single cord is 17 inches long and the rear single cord is 21 inches long. The two plaited cords and front single loop (after the latter has been passed through rear single loop) are securely fastened together and have a 1-inch loop of No. 9 gold braid for attaching aiguillettes to top button of coat, collar opening of dress coat, or button or hook of jackets; the rear plaited cord passing over the front plaited cord and fastening underneath the front plaited cord at the loop. From the point where the cords are secured together, the two plaited cords extend as single cords for two inches, then they form coils of five laps, ends passing through coils and extending two inches to the gilt pencil attachment. The position separating the front and rear plaited cords is fitted with a bar pin about 1-1/2 inches long and 3/8 inch wide, covered with a 1-1/2 inch strip of No. 3 gold braid covering the ends of the cord, and the bar, to allow attaching the aiguillette to the coat or jacket at the shoulder, just inside the armhole seam. The pencil attachment is gold-plated brass, 3.015 inches long, the cap is 0.656 inches long, and the pencil is 2.359 inches long. The cap has six leaves; the pencil has two miniature Marine Corps emblems (omitting motto ribbon and anchor rope) on the upper part and two wreaths on the lower part, all in relief around the circumference. The smooth surfaces are polished; the cap or upper part is stamped; and the lower part hollow-cast, turned, milled, and knurled.

    b. Dress aiguillettes are worn on the evening dress, blue dress "A"/"B", blue-white dress, and white dress uniforms. Both plaited cords and the front single loop are worn in the front of the arm, the rear single loop passing from the rear under the arm.

    c. Men. On the evening dress jacket, dress aiguillettes worn on the right side will be suspended from a hook at the inside at the base of the collar closure; those worn on the left side will be suspended from the top button. The shoulder straps on the evening dress jacket may bemodified, at the individual's option, to allow the aiguillette to pass under the shoulder strap as depicted in figure 4-2. Dress aiguillettes will be suspended from the top button of the blue dress and white dress coats.

    d. Women. On the evening dress jackets and blue or white dress coats, dress aiguillettes will be suspended from the milled nut securing the branch of service insignia or from a small button attached to the

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