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Politics in our beloved county… Philippines . What is happening?

I just received an email this morning. Our election is really getting hot. Let me share you this e-mail

Here it goes:

Villar trying to buy Presidency - Is it for sale?

FACT: Villar has minimum of 40 TV spots a day at a cost of P10 Million everyday the past 5 months for a total cost of P1.5 Billion - and that is not counting his expenses on Radio, Dolphy, Willie R. Etc.. And the election official campaign period has not even started - they say his budget is P20 Billion and all for a job that pays P200,000 a year!

QUESTION: He say he is a good businessman - and if he is, I wonder where he expects to get his return on his at least P20 Billion Investment. What kind of return will Villar expect - Given the high risk of his undertaking, He probably expects a good return - Maybe a double or triple his money in six years say to P60 Billion

WHERE CAN HE GET THE RETURN?: Total estimated budget of the government over the next 6 years is P10 Billion on an investment of P20 Billion - Villar is one smart businessman

WHAT'S THE IMPACT ON THE POOR?: P200 Billion that will conservatively be lost to corruption as a payback to Villar's Campaign expenses can pay for P40,000 calssroom to solve the shortage plus, Create a micro lending fund that can generate 3.2 Million jobs - Corruption is the cause of poverty!

Addition from Catalino Arevalo:

Now the cat's out of the bag…

Manny Villar is a secret candidate of pres " GMA" …Mike Arroyo hinself met with Villar at the house of Mike Defensor last Jan 7… Villar secretly agreed to make GMA as "Speaker of the house" and protect her should Villar win the Presidency… Villar agree to GMA's offer of massive logical support in GMA's Commissioners in the comelec who will assure Villar's victory...


Let me clarify this;

I'm not posting this to destroy Villar I just want to make a few questions…

Is this for real? Or another campaign to destroy him from another candidates?

and who's Catalino Arevalo? Can you tell me more about him?

Let's talk about this.. Shall we?

I'm just wondering :)


Correction: there's no "P/ Peso" sign before "40,000" in WHAT'S THE IMPACT ON THE POOR? part :)

Update 2:

who's Fina? :/ lol

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    I myself one time or another wrote a question about Senator Villar buying the office of the President and guess what you put your name in the interesting question of the day box. But strange, you never answer some of my question. You just tick the box whenever I make a question.

    There is also an email that send to me by a friend, it is a mansion somewhere in Salt Lake city in the US, and the pictures are really outstanding like a palace of the kings. And guess who owns it by the end of the article, SENATOR MANNY VILLAR.

    I know ...I know you are not to discredit Villar on this issue. But all people are thinking the same thing. We are going to be flooded with money by Villar one way or another. And when if he sits in the office of the President can he generate 1-3 million jobs/per year? I guess we are ONCE AGAIN GOING TO BE FOOLED by the likes of Manny Villar. He is the like JOSEPH ESTRADA in the 90's.

    He is a good businessman but I don't think running a government is a business. If he wins as president will the Philippines be the biggest MAFIA in Southeast Asia? That is why it is up to us Filipinos to choose the right person for the job, which for me is Noynoy Aquino since the start. I don't know about you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Argh! This what makes me think that Filipinos are easy to fool. Villar's actions are so obvious. He's spending a lot of money in campaign ads. 1B pesos? Wow! And he's also a businessman! Being a businessman and a politician at the same time will bring him even more money! If he can spend that a hella lot of money in campaign ads alone what more if he becomes the president? I hope that Filipinos will never bring him to the most coveted seat in the entire nation.

    added: Alert omniac!!

    Rumors say that he's the secret candidate of Gloria Arroyo. What do you think? Yeah, I think it's true that wise and established businessmen would never engage in business that will make small profits. Of course these kind of people want to have some more because if they're the kind of people who are easily satisfied with the simple things in life they would not even dare to think to upgrade their lives to unimaginable level. I smell greed and thirst for power here. And also this keeps me wondering... He's spending a lot of money more than anyone else in election history! Is this yet another world breaking record? (hay...)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I dont think he's investing this big if there is a risk he will lose to Noynoy.

    The corrupt and the shameless election-fixing machinery of the current scoundrels in Malacanang have a plan, and that is to make sure Villar gets elected and GMA and her entire family of pigs are safe from sure prosecution from the Filipino people.

    I tell you...this pig Manny Villar will be many times worst than GMA and her husband combined. And the thought that he manipulated and betrayed the trust of the masa, hungry for food and a better life...Our poor kababayans are falling into another trap that unfortunately will drag us all deeper into the seemingly endless pit of poverty and corruption.

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  • Judy
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    4 years ago

    The green islands have been covered with garbage. Look at the streets, the rivers, the ocean. Just take a serious look at what is around you right now. Garbage ! The morals of the Philippines are so low that if the girls were not selling it they would be giving it away. When I land at the airport in Manila, I am greeted by cheating taxi drivers and cheating hotel clerks. I can expect to be cheated by everyone that I meet. Do you really think that a man would bring his family here, for a family vacation ? What does the Philippines have to offer a family ? Be honest. Do not blame corrupt politicians. It is the everyday people that have trashed this land.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think Senator Villar is going to build this "Hybrid City", or, if there's a lot of opposition, name it by any other name, like "Mega Project", and to be a hundred percent owned by foreign investors.

    Since it is against the Constitution, he will most likely change the constitution.

    And a lot of farmers, squatters, urban poor, including "Fina", the President's daughter shall oppose this move ....

    Shucks! Sorry! Am being confused by the series "Tanging Yaman".

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  • PC
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    1 decade ago

    This guy is as rich as---perhaps he doesn't need the money from corruption.

    I do know that he is using his money to help some of the poor. Is it an election gimmick, sorry I don't know.

    Is the e-mail true or is it a smear campaign from the opposition, again I don't know. Only time will tell.

    Good luck Philippines. May the right person win, this time.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Those politicians running for a position in the govenrment use different tactics to approach people for their votes-like Villar. Quite unique, isn't he? Sometimes I don't know who to believe anymore. I won't be surprised if that email is true. Some political ads are downright disgusting but still lots of people believe in them because they think the people are dumb enough to believe such advertisements.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When he wins, we know where he will get his money, from the so called 'kaban ng bayan' as his investment for a businesses abroad. Wonder not if he would frequently be traveling during his tenure. Surely he could easily set up a business (not under his name of course) that can be backed by capitalist, knowing that it is one way or the other being financed by the Philippine government.

    But the real question to ponder is if in case he lost. My oh! My.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    villar is not a dummy. he's forking in lots of money to win the election bcoz he intends to use the position to add credibility to his name in the business world.

    the only catalino arevalo i know is a jesuit priest. he was the one who gave the homily at the funeral mass for Mrs. Aquino. i don't know if they are the same person.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Politics, politics.

    Expect more of these since Villar is pulling away. I was rooting for Noynoy until I realized his camp is doing a massive smear campaign on his opponent. Made me ask how someone who presents himself as integrity personified can do such things.

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