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Why is Evgeni Plushenko being hated by the Americans after the victory ceremony?

Is there any video or anything of what happened?

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    Evgeni Plushenko was angry about his loss and said/did things that were very unsportsmanlike, such as:

    Trash-talking before the event.

    Skating okay, but not outstanding or clean, but still expecting to win.

    Complaining about the scoring and insulting his competitors.

    Stepping onto the 1st place podium during the awards ceremony.

    Standing on the podium with a pissed-off look on his face.

    Being angry and rude during post-competition interviews.

    Bad-mouthing his competitors and the IJS scoring system in interviews.

    Eagerly accepting a bogus "Platinum Medal" from a Russian TV show host.

    Allowing the medal to be put on his official website, claiming his title.

    Questioning the manliness of his competitors because they didn't do a quad and saying they were dancers, not skaters.

    Doing a quad that was poorly executed, followed by a triple that was poorly executed, and failing to even attempt the planned third jump in his combination.

    Allowing his wife to vent publicly. That's the best one - Mr. Manly lets his wife fight his battles. lol

    Plushenko and the Russian Federation failed to understand/master the IJS scoring system during his comeback season. At Europeans and the ISU Grand Prix events, he won with what are perceived to be inflated scores. Having never faced Lysacek directly, he/his coaching staff didn't take into account how well PLANNED Lysacek's programs were and how many points he could gather by simply doing one jump later to get the 10% bonus.

    Plushenko's long program was not well-balanced or well-planned. He did all his jumps up front to get them out of the way. Didn't save any big ones for the second half of the program. He spent the last minute racing through Level 3 spins and footwork. (Lysacek nailed his Level 4's)

    He gave the competition away through poor planning and execution. Then he whined publicly about it. He should be proud that he could come back after that many years without training and earn a silver medal.

    He was probably very disappointed, but he has no one to blame but himself.

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    Because Amurikans are nationalistic phuks

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