我叫XXX 因為在學期間老師認為我做事認真負責,所以畢業後便推薦我到XXX當研究助理,主要負責計畫書編輯,撰寫,資料收集等並協助執行研究計畫內容、文獻收集、研究調查設計資及料收集與分析等作業操作並維護計劃或實驗相關的設備與儀器以及其他教授交辦事項,已服務約6個月;我很喜歡現在的工作內容,但因任期即將屆滿,讓我開始尋找更有突破性的新職,藉由突破來增強自己的實力。

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    My name is XXX because during the school term teachers think that my work is responsible for, so we recommend my after graduation to XXX when research assistants, mainly responsible for ·customers editing, writing, data collection, and so on and to help carry out the project details, literature collection, research design and material collection and analysis operations with the operation and maintenance plan or experiments related to equipment and instruments, and other Professor action items, who has served for about 6 months; I am like content, but since the end of his term, allow me to start looking for more have a new job, with breakthrough to enhance one's own strength.

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