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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

幫我造英文作文 20點


waiter/take the order

spill the water/on her dress/not happy

bring the food/forget the fork and the knife

in the coffee/a dead spider/angry

leave/not pay for the dinner


buy/clothes on sale

go hom by taxi/with many sopping bags

try on dress/too tight

try on/a pair jeans/holes

look at the new clothes/on the floor/feel upset


drive to work

drive/tall on the cell phone

a policeman/pull over

give a ticket/talk on the cell phone/whean/drive

fell upset

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    One day,a girl went to a diner to eat. The waiter came and took my order. As she gave me a glass of water, she tripped and spilled it all over the girl's dress, and the girl was not happy.When the waiter brought the food, she forgot the fork and knife.At last, the waiter brought the coffee. But in the coffee, the girl found a dead spider and got very angry. So, she left without paying the bill.

    One day, I decided to go buy new clothes because they were on sale. After I finished, I went home by taxi, carrying many shopping bags. I happily tried on the dress, only to find it was too tight. When I tried on a pair of jeans, I discovered holes on it. I looked at the new clothes on the floor, and felt upset about wasting money.

    Today, I chose to drive to work instead of walking. When I was driving, someone called me, so I was talking on my cell phone. A policeman saw me, and asked me to pull over. He gave me a ticket, and told me not to talk on my cell phone while driving. I felt upset about not obeying the laws and having a ticket to pay.


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