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Unmanageable Natural Black Hair!?

Ahh Help!

I have been transitioning for about 8 or 9 months now and the growth is fine not much breakage either, it's just managing it that is the hassle. It's SO BIG! and still having my relaxed ends really isnthelping when I try to mess with it.

I already know when I comb/brush to start from end to begging with a large tooth comb/brush and use detangler or when its wet but what else is there???

Also, I noticed my hair pattern varies through out my head I have medium S towards the front and back, close together s towards the crown and middle back and spiral on the crown. Lol can anyone give me an example of what it might look like? I know it's hard with no pic but I would appreciate it!

PS- It is REALLY thick like no joke!

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    Well ofcourse, when you transition your hair from natural to relaxed, it's not going to be straight. =)

    You seem to have a mixture of type 4a and type 4b hair. You should search up on google about that, sorry but I have that is type 3c relaxed.

    But anyways, to help you detangle-

    1. Okay, it's good that you're starting from the ends to the top. This will help it. But don't be too rough on it, or you'll get split ends.

    2. Before washing your natural hair, try to comb it out. And while washing your hair, don't move your hair around too much. try to wash it in sections. And when you condition it, comb it out.

    3. Using detangler before moisturizing would help.

    4. An optional option (lol), you can get a BKT treatment. It smooths down the curl pattern temperally for about 3 months, I believe. You can apply it on your hair, even if you have chemicals in it. And it's mostly protein, even though it's considered dangerous.

    5. Coconut Milk Treatments work as well to detangle your hair. It makes it soft and moisturized.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): I'm part of a hair board, and there's much information on that. such as and
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