Rate these combos on a scale of 1 to 10?


Virginia Grace

Lillian Arianna

Jeanne Mariah

Georgia Brooke

Velma Rylee

Beulah Vivian

Arlene Makenna

Hilda Scarlett


Bernard Matthew

Leroy James

Clinton Adam

Sylvester Logan

Elwood Steven

Merlin Graham

Clark Edward

Ellsworth Grayson

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  • 10 years ago
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    Virginia Grace -- 8/10. Classy, elegant, flows beautifully.

    Lillian Arianna -- 6/10. Both pretty names, but together they're a bit of a mouthful!

    Jeanne Mariah -- 3/10. Not fond of Jeanne, Mariah is pretty.

    Georgia Brooke -- 8/10. Simple and classy. I love Brooke as a middle name.

    Velma Rylee -- 1/10. Really not my taste, sorry! I find Velma too old fashioned and Rylee too trendy.

    Beulah Vivian -- 4/10. I'm not sure how I feel about Beulah... it's interesting and literary, but the sound of the name doesn't greatly appeal. I much prefer Vivienne to Vivian.

    Arlene Makenna -- 6/10. Arlene is cute and unusual. Dislike Makenna though.

    Hilda Scarlett -- 3/10. It flows nicely and Scarlett is lovely, but I find Hilda too dated.


    Bernard Matthew -- 3/10. Like Matthew, strongly dislike Bernard! They do combine well together though, an old fashioned name with a popular classic.

    Leroy James -- 5/10. Love James as a middle name. Leroy isn't really my style.

    Clinton Adam -- 7/10. I don't think the flow is great but I really like both names.

    Sylvester Logan -- 7/10. This is probably a guilty pleasure choice. I'm actually not keen on either name but somehow I just love the flow and sound of the two names together!

    Elwood Steven -- 6/10. Elwood is original. Steven is classic. Nice pairing.

    Merlin Graham -- 7/10. Guility pleasure again! Merlin is striking and dramatic.

    Clark Edward -- 6/10. Simple and masculine.

    Ellsworth Grayson -- 9/10. Love it! I love surnames as first names for boys, and I also seem to like names starting with El-. Grayson is one of my favourite names!

    Overall, my favourites are Georgia Brooke & Ellsworth Grayson. Even though I'm not fond of every name, I really like your style, it's so original! :)

  • shir
    Lv 7
    10 years ago


    Virginia Grace-9/10

    Lillian Arianna-7/10

    Jeanne Mariah-3/10

    Georgia Brooke-9/10

    Velma Rylee-1/10

    Beulah Vivian-negative100/10 lol

    Arlene Makenna-7/10

    Hilda Scarlett-1/10


    Bernard Matthew-1/10

    Leroy James-3/10

    Clinton Adam-5/10

    Sylvester Logan-1/10

    Elwood Steven-3/10

    Merlin Graham-2/10

    Clark Edward-4/10

    Ellsworth Grayson-5/10

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Virginia Grace-7

    Lillian Arianna-2

    Jeanne Mariah-1

    Georgia Brooke-3

    Velma Rylee-3

    Beulah Vivian-1

    Arlene Makenna-3

    Hilda Scarlett-2


    Bernard Matthew-3

    Leroy James-4

    Clinton Adam-4

    Sylvester Logan-2

    Elwood Steven-3

    Merlin Graham-2

    Clark Edward-5

    Ellsworth Grayson-5

  • Clary
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    Virginia Grace - 8/10; Beautiful, classic name

    Lillian Arianna - 10/10 - Love it!

    Jeanne Mariah - 4/10

    Georgia Brooke - 9/10; Love it!

    Velma Rylee - 4/10

    Beulah Vivian - 7/10; Cute! But I would go with Vivian Beulah

    Arlene Makenna - 5/10; Not a fan of either name

    Hilda Scarlett - 6/10

    Bernard Matthew - 6/10; How about Braun Matthew?

    Leroy James - 7/10

    Clinton Adam - 7/10

    Sylvester Logan - 8/10 - Cute :]

    Elwood Steven - 5/10

    Merlin Graham - 6/10

    Clark Edward - 8/10

    Ellsworth Grayson - 4/10; How about Elliott Grayson?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Virginia Grace 6/10 i don't like Virginia but it's a personal opinion nothing wrong with the name

    Lillian Arianna 8/10 pretty

    Jeane Mariah 7/10 i don't like how the names flow

    Georgia Brooke 10/10 strangely enough this name just clicked

    Velma Rylee 4/10 on the other hand that one just didn't

    Beulah Vivian 4/10 why on earth do this to vivian?

    Arlene Makenna 6/10 don't like Makenna

    Hilda Scarlett 6/10 love scarlett hate hilda

    Bernard Matthew 6/10 hate bernard

    Leroy James 9/10 woah nice :)

    Clinton Adam 6/10 don't like either of the names sorry

    Sylvester Logan 4/10 hate Sylvester love logan

    Elwood Steven 3/10 they don't flow well and i hate elwood

    Merlin Graham 8/10 great and unusual. i also like it spelled Merlyn

    Clark Edward 5/10 two names i don't like

    Ellsworth Grayson 4/10 waaayyy too old fashioned

  • ?
    Lv 4
    10 years ago


    Virginia Grace 9

    Lillian Arianna 7

    Jeanne Mariah 7

    Georgia Brooke 7

    Velma Rylee 6

    Beulah Vivian 9

    Arlene Makenna 7

    Hilda Scarlett 6


    Bernard Matthew 10 I love it.

    Leroy James 9

    Clinton Adam 7

    Sylvester Logan 6

    Elwood Steven 8

    Merlin Graham 8

    Clark Edward 9

    Ellsworth Grayson 8


  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Virginia Grace~5 Don't like Virginia.

    Lillian Arianna~10 Love this, especially the Lillian.

    Jeanne Mariah~5 Don't like Jeanne.

    Georgia Brooke~10 Sounds great together.

    Velma Rylee~5 Don't like Velma.

    Beulah Vivian~10 Too cute!!

    Arlene Makenna~5 Don't like Arlene.

    Hilda Scarlett~5 Don't like Hilda.


    Bernard Matthew~5 Don't like Bernard.

    Leroy James~5 Don't like Leroy.

    Clinton Adam~10 Very cute!!

    Sylvester Logan~5 Don't like Sylvester.

    Elwood Steven~0 Don't like this at all.

    Merlin Graham~5 Like Graham.

    Clark Edward~10 Very cute!!

    Ellsworth Grayson~5 Don't like Ellsworth.

  • 10 years ago


    Virginia Grace 8

    Lillian Arianna 6

    Jeanne Mariah 2

    Georgia Brooke 9

    Velma Rylee 2

    Beulah Vivian 1

    Arlene Makenna 2

    Hilda Scarlett 1


    Bernard Matthew 1

    Leroy James 2

    Clinton Adam2

    Sylvester Logan1

    Elwood Steven-1

    Merlin Graham1

    Clark Edward1

    Ellsworth Grayson1

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


  • lawn
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    so as of your record: a million. Paige Robin Theodora 4/10 (i do no longer look after Paige and Robin jogs my memory of Robin Hood, yet Theodora is gorgeous) 2. Mckayla Katherine 3/10 (Mckayla is a convention ruin. Katherine is classic and alluring and does not sound appropriate paired with the uber well-liked Mckayla) 3. Aurora Violet 10/10 (Aurora Violet is superb) 4. Rowan Sara Madeline 6/10 (Rowan is masculine, yet Sara Madeline is o.k.) 5. Kady Joyce 3/10 (Joyce is dated and Kady is misspelled and very juvenile) 6. Charli Diana Marie 6/10 (Charli i do no longer look after in any respect. that's in simple terms too heavily with regards to Charlie that's positively masculine. Diana Marie, although, is astounding.) 7. Erica Rose 3/10 (Erica is dated, stuffy, and boring. Rose is a effortless filler center call that merits extra fluff than the static Erica.) To make some new mixtures from the old: Katherine Theodora Marie "Katie" and Madeline Sara Rose. the two a sort of might get 10/10 from me. :]

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