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How to build an army of trust worthy friends/acquaintances?

I want to be a Federal Judge, but first I will immerse my body, mind, and soul into the law by becoming a Paralegal so that the day I am prepared to go to law school, I will know more than all those other graduates who party everyday and cheat their way through. But having such a tough introspection can only get me so far, I will need an army. An army of Warriors who I can trust. It doesn't have to be people in my field, it can be anyone, from anywhere.

Currently, I am shy and withdrawn, and I hate being in this state. It's shameful and pathetic. Now I know introverts are great people, but I'd have to mix it up with extroversion if I'd want to succeed in this world. Particularly, a western one. Being Asian in a white man's AND a black man's world is hard, ya dig? I need people who I can trust. I need people with integrity, intelligence, and energy. But MOST important is integrity.

Please help! I need a way to attract people, and for them to be attracted to me! I am astounded to see people just chatting with each other in the hall ways, and I'm looking like a nobody just minding my own business all the time. It's boring and depressing!


I am living in a Midwestern world right now.

Update 2:

Rev Willie and Bully H, I shall remember y'all till death.

Update 3:

I gotta have my Pops. LOL mohawk, I think being Asian is standing out enough lol

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    Try this rule or word:- F.O.R.M. Family. Occupation. Recreation. Money. Ask people questions about those four subject and just sit back and listen. Most people like to talk about themselves and will think you are a great conversationalist and you have usually said very little. There's a lot more to it but that is a start. Never ever forget a person's name or their partner's, child's etc. It takes a lot of work but you have to be genuine, never fake. You have to earn trust etc. You can not expect people to give it to you. The only person who makes you shy and withdrawn is you.

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    OK so I recommend starting small.Join a gym,do things that you and good at and stand out doing.If you don't have anything like ,learn some new things.I didn't learn poker till I was 20,but I have a talent for it,and have won thousands from it,and also made good friend along the way.Try to merge the skill with what you are good at.I have a great memory,so I can play poker and blackjacks very well.If you can predict the path of an object to a certain point(the path of a thrown ball)try pool.Try taking it slow,like if you join a gym,talk to the guy on the treadmill next to you everyday,and before you know it he'll be a friend.Also find something about you that makes you stand out in a crowd,but not repulsive.For example,having a short mohawk makes you stand out,but make it blue,and now you are just a punk.Join clubs,and socialize there.Try to imerse yourself in the world,but still be there,like a red dot amongst a sea of blue.Trust me its possible.Also learn interesting things.Being interesting makes more people want to talk to you.Also try to walk the talk.Its nice to be told you can do a triple cartwheel,but doing it is what is impressive.Your shape is also very important.More people will radiate to a person that is in shape,then a fat person.

    In all,the best thing you can do is stand out.


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    Your race interpretation is soooo '60s, this is a new world order you are about to embark into. If you want to build an army of Warriors you have to become one first. You have to prove YOUR integrity, YOUR trust, YOUR honesty before anyone else will follow, unless you resort to blackmail or have Lots and Lots of $$$$$$$$ then you buy your way. Climb out of your shell and show people what your made of. Above all else,have RESPECT for yourself and others. That is a virtue missing in most of the youth today.

    RESPECT !!!

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    hey you are wrong its not white/black mans world ya. its not if you are good at your job you can find this wish very easily and you can surround yourself with caring people just look around and start now. its very easy in texas there are alot of themi am not sure where you are butyou can do it just try.

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