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Dont do it at all! Dont feed the troll.


it was a warning, and yeah i kinda didnt think of that beforehand. oh btw, Mauer's should remain a Twin for the rest of his career, grew up in St Paul, hometown hero. great player, i think the twins play the mets, so im trying to go see one of the three games (if its in NY) or if not on TV

Update 2:

We should, but Yahoo wont listen to anyone. we should sign some petition or something in order to ban others from opening accounts, probably won't work, but what can ya do?

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    You just gave him his own topic.. that's kind of responding.. and feeding.

    But I agree.. people just need to STOP RESPONDING TO HIM!!

    Report him, and leave it at that.

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    Now what is he doing pretending to be his own father, he should do us something better, and just go away comopetely all the time, and jus let us forget about him, and never return.

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    We need to work as a team and all of us have to report him!

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    i agree with you. lets work together and get this guy out of this section!!!!

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