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should i be friends with her again?

so i was best friends with this girl freshman year. let's call her jane. but after a while, she started lying to me & treating me really badly. i ended the friendship. jane did the same thing to my other friend, nadine. (ironically enough, me & nadine became best friends because we were both in the same situation with jane haha.)

so now it's junior year & a lot of crap has been happening. for example, jane's friends basically verbally attacked nadine. this led to me messaging jane on facebook, saying "i know we ended on bad terms but i think all the crap happening between your friends & my friends needs to stop soo can we please just mature a little & not hate eachother anymore?" jane agreed & we forgave eachother. but honestly, i do NOT want to be friends with her again. i just wanted to make my peace.

anyway, now she messaged nadine, making peace with her too. which is GOOD. but she is really trying to be friends with her again. and nadine is like, buying into it. i know nothing good with come out of this because we've been down this path before and realized how much of a backstabber jane can be.

how can i warn nadine about this? does she not get it? it doesn't make sense how she can be so naiive after what happened.

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    Remind your friend what Jane's friends have done to her!

    Tell her Jane is all past & that their bunch of girls waiting for a beautiful friendship like hers.

    Jane doesnt deserve that.

    Nadine has to realize that shes going to get hurt again.

    And that Jane's friends are not gonna accept Nadine.

    If she doesnt listen, just let her me! She'll be cryin when Jane does it again! But she'll learn a lesson from it!

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    You should message jane on facebook again and ask if her acting really nice to nadine is true friendhip or is itjust a joke. See what she says there and make a decision. Watch jane close just incase because she might be getting both of you to be friends with her again just so she can lie to you and treat you bad again.

    I hope she really does want to be your friends though. Good Luck =]

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    just tell at the right time

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    I think you should give her a chance.

    answer mine?

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