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Ma, Ma, where's my pa ?

What does that mean ?

And would it be classified as Political ; Economic ; or Social ?


I was given different terms under Grover Cleveland and this was one of them !

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  • Rachel
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    1 decade ago
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    It sounds like its about a child asking his/her mother where their dad is. It would be classified under old age talking.~Rachel

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  • 1 decade ago

    Political, it was used against Grover Cleveland during his presidential election as a derisive slogan.

    From wikipedia:

    To counter Cleveland's image of purity, his opponents reported that Cleveland had fathered an illegitimate child while he was a lawyer in Buffalo.[74] The derisive phrase "Ma, Ma, where's my Pa?" rose as an unofficial campaign slogan for those who opposed him.[74] When confronted with the emerging scandal, Cleveland's instructions to his campaign staff were: "Tell the truth."[75] Cleveland admitted to paying child support in 1874 to Maria Crofts Halpin, the woman who claimed he fathered her child named Oscar Folsom Cleveland.[74] Halpin was involved with several men at the time, including Cleveland's friend and law partner, Oscar Folsom, for whom the child was also named.[74] Cleveland did not know which man was the father, and is believed to have assumed responsibility because he was the only bachelor among them.[74]

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  • 1 decade ago

    its sounds like it's coming from a child asking his/her mom where her dad is. Since the child is asking his/her mom a question it would be classified as social.

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