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Are Airmiles on a Royal bank Visa Card the SAME airmiles as the company "airmiles" Please read v v v?

Are Royal Bank Visa cards airmiles reward plan offer the same "airmiles" as the actual company airmiles. The Bank of Montreal (which I have) offer actual Airmiles and I have the Mosaik Mastercard to get Double the Miles, but since I need a Visa for work and BMO doesnt offer Visas, I was wondering what other bank offers the EXACT SAME TYPE of Airmiles. I thought RBC was another Bank that offered the same type of miles but you never know. I thought CIBC offered Airmiles but their idea of Airmiles are "Aeroplan" Miles, which is not the same thing. There are many different "airmiles" point programs but I want ACTUAL Airmiles. The Origial Airmiles plan

So, Do RBC Visa cards offer the original "type" of airmiles??? Not aeroplan or any other knock off "airmiles" program. Thanks for your help!!!

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    If the card issued by RBC (or BMO, or any other bank in Canada) state that they offer Air Miles, then they are referring to the exact same program, which is the generic program that can earn mileage from many different products and services. The CIBC card that earns Aeroplan miles are, as you note, not the same thing -- Aeroplan is the frequent flier program for Air Canada.

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    Rbc Air Miles

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