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What type of socks to wear while ice skating?

lasat time i went a got quite a feel blisters. maybe because i didnt wear any socks but anyways... thin or thick? high or low? it would really help but i use rental skates so that might be the problem but i dont go alot

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    Well, I've dealt with this in the past, and it is a pain! But, wear high, thick socks. The thickness will prevent you from getting blisters and will keep your feet warm. Another tip: you could always wear 2 pairs of socks.

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    You should wear some long pants and a long sleeve tee shirt. Jeans aren't the best thing to wear because when you fall they get wet and cold. Make sure to dress so that you can move, but stay warm. If I were to go skating with some friends I would just wear some long knit exercise pants. Sometimes I wear that for practice and it works out well. Bring a coat or jacket and some gloves. If you would like to you could wear a helmet or knee pads, but I don't think you really need them unless you are a toddler or have overprotective parents! Good luck.

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