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is the song hello dolly by louis armstrong an aaba form or 12-bar blues?

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    It is not a blues, nor it is an AABA form. The first eight bars in Louis Armstrong's version are in Bb, the second group eight start in C minor but modulate back toward Bb for the third group of eight, and the fourth group of eight starts in G minor (relative to Bb, but the D7 at the end of the third eight suggests G harmonic minor) and through a couple of secondary dominants until ultimately resolving to Bb. I'd label it ABAC or ABA with a coda.

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    I agree with St. Petersburg Native.

    It is more like A, B, A, C. The first and third group of 8 bars are similar (not identical) and the second and fourth are different. However, if you actually watch the musical, "Hello, Dolly!" there are more parts of the song than that.

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    "Hello Dolly" is a popular show tune by that follows an A A B, A A B pattern throughout.

    Music & Lyrics: Jerry Herman

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    well hello dolly is a musical and its the dahli lama and hes some indian guy that does a lot of stuff. They have no relation. but i think theres also a song hello dolly for Dolly Parton the famous country singer.

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    It is definitely not a blues. AABA is the form of this tune .

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