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Citing the abuse of her human rights by the United States, Birther leader, Orly Taitz appeals to the UN?

In an appeal to the United Nations, Orly Taitz says she is the victim of human rights abuses at the hands of the United States - from intimidation to an assassination attempt - and the US justice system is turning a blind eye.

Should/will the UN intervene? If so, what can they do in this situation? Dispatch peacekeepers? Grant her political asylum in a neutral country?

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    In order for the UN to "intervene" it would require that it pass the Security Council.

    A right wing myth (or complete incomprehension) of the UN is that everyone could gang up on the US and make it do whatever the rest of the world wants.

    But, the General Assembly has no power to pass "binding" resolutions. It can only give suggestions.

    In order for the "UN" to do anything binding it has to pass the Security Council. In order to pass the Security Council, however, it needs the votes of NINE of the 15 members. But, in addition, the five permanent members of the Security Council must all vote for it (or they can abstain). So in reality you need the votes of all five member permanent members, plus four others.

    So, basically, peacekeepers will never be sent to the permanent member states:






    So peacekeepers is out of the question.

    Additionally, the UN is merely the forum of states. The forum itself cannot grant asylum.

    This doesn't keep Nepal or someplace from granting her asylum, since nobody would pass a Security Council Resolution banning giving her asylum.

    Of course, I picture every other country laughing at her as much as we do in the US. May Kim Jong-Il or Chavez would try to score political points. But I don't think Chavez would get involved. Kim Jong-Il is a weird guy, who knows what he thinks?

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    Taitz is an idiot. Only someone who doesn't even know what the UN does would presume that it has the power or interest to intervene in her stupid case.

    There's a reason she was disbarred. She keeps bring meritless lawsuits.

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    Next Headline: "Birther conspirator laughed out of UN Building."

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    The UN dont do Squat

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    So, I wonder if she has gotten any dead fish in the mail from Rahm Emanuel.

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    They will do nothing and are probably laughing behind her back.)

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