Can a Hydrogen Bomb explode underwater?

I'm writing a short story for my lit. class and I need to know what would happen if a Hydrogen Bomb exploded inside of a submarine that was underwater. Would the bomb just explode the submarine but not affect anything else in the water around it? Or would the force of the explosion possibly destroy other things nearby?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well, that would depend on where it was.

    While water carries pressure waves faster, more efficiently outward than air (due to density); the pressure from a deep explosion would mitigate the effects.

    So I would suggest you decide where the hydrogen bomb would explode, how big a yield it is- subs can carry smaller warheads or larger missiles.

    But, the explosion would cause an EMP....

  • 4 years ago

    It is a series of explosions 1. Conventional shaped charges compress soccer-ball wedges of plutonioum, squeezing it together 2. A blast of neutrons hits the compressed ball from a trigger device. 3. The soccer ball does the plutonium atom splitting (fission) dance which releases lots of energy, heat, light, and neutrons. 4. The pressure from the fission of the plutonium along with the neutrons helps push lithium into deuterium atoms (or tritium into deuterium, depending on your mix). This is fusion. Deuterium and tritium are both forms of hydrogen - thus the term "hydrogen bomb". 5. The fusion of hydrogen releases more energy and more neutrons. This by itself would be a pretty deadly bomb but wait, there is more. 6. The fast neutrons being formed by the fusion run outward and smack into the outer casing of the bomb. That casing is uranium. The uranium atoms do their splitting trick (fission). This is a significant bang. For a long time this was secret and yet the bomb test air samples always showed the results of uranium fission. Hope that was technical enough without being too dry.

  • well like any bomb, it would destroy anything inside its destructive radius. and the heat produced by the H bomb would most likely boil or heat up the water so it would affect any animal nearby

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