Can I draw unemployment if I quit for my job for this reason?

I am 24, married, and have a 1 1/2 yr. old and live in Huntsville, Alabama. I work for a construction company as a laborer making $10.24/hr. I have been there for a year working on the same jobsite, which is on the Redstone Arsenal (which is a government base). I am looking for a new job constantly but I cannot take this job anymore. They constantly yell at me and call me stupid, make fun of me all the time, make me get into the dumpsters and 'sort" the trash. They give me hell and always say I am "hanging by a thread". I say maybe they should just fire me so I can draw unemployment and the other workers say that I won't get fired that the bosses are doing all this crap to me to get me to quit. I also hear that they always talk crap about me to other people there and while they are at lunch I am the "laugh fest" for them. I always do whats asked. Other workers give me crap constantly and I feel like I will snap soon and do something stupid like fight or something. If I quit for this reason can I draw unemployment?

People keep saying "you can't draw unemployment if you quit". Well, I read up on it and you can for certain reasons kinda like this. Also, someone said they drew unemployment when they quit because they had another job lined up that feel through. I am going to say that and that my work is hostile enviroment. So I am wondering can I?

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    No you cannot get unemployment if you voluntarily quit. What you should do is take your concern to a higher level of management. If you are at the highest level of management and they wish not to investigate the situation, I would say to find a local attorney and file a civil suit for harrassment against the company. Also, you will want witnesses to confirm the abuse (notarized statements) if you do take it to this level. You might also find that you aren't the only one experiencing the harassment. If there are other workers that have also been mistreated and harassed, you might be able to file a class action lawsuit. On what basis are they harassing you? Is it discrimination? Whatever you believe it is, take it somewhere higher than this forum. Either by your own management department or a lawyer. Understand your own legal rights.

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    There are two ways of handling that situation.

    1. Be better than them and remember they are the petty children. Stop letting them bother you. Keep looking for another job but stop letting them control how you feel.

    2. Document times dates and places of harassment. Keep a running log with all the details then take it to the employment office and ask for their help. If they cannot help you, see a lawyer.

    What they are doing is illegal but you really can't afford to be out of work.

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    No, you can't if so, everyone would be doing it right? don't even risk trying to do this. If you try, your employees will be notified and they will they will input into this--do you think they might lie? yes, been there. I got fired and collected but at the hearing they lied out of their butt. Document stuff in favor to you. and you will have to submit this stuff to help your case. I have been through this too, and that's what they wanted me to do too is quit but I held on but in the end, they lied and I got my unemployment taken away. But I didn't appeal either. but appeal if that happens and keep appealing.

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    If you quit your job you can't collect unemployment! Don't you think if that was true that everyone would be doing it? You can only collect unemployment is you fall or hurt yourself on the job. Or you get laid off.

    I don't know where you are gettign your false info from...

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Stop whining and do your job or find another one.

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