real life rainbow six?

is thier an international hostage rescue team like rainbow six who draw members from all over the world?

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    1 decade ago
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    i never heard of such a thing. Other than the UN security forces nothing like Rainbow Six exist yet, though it would be a great idea.

  • lashon
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    4 years ago

    there's a unit called specific operational rigidity- detatchment delta (delta rigidity). besides the undeniable fact that they don't seem to be like they're portrayed interior the chuck norris action picture, they're actual, and that they are the final interior the international. created interior the previous due 70s stricktly as an anti-terrorist unit, they're denied to exist by employing the gov, yet former squaddies have reported that they have got been in it, so it basically dosen't exist on paper. yet u dont get to connect it, basically like numerous different specific forces, u could be chosen after spending years interior the time-honored military. yet transforming into a member of swat (specific weapons and methods) is somewhat like rainbow six (never performed it, yet seen classified ads for it) and u have a greater constructive threat of gettn in it.

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    Agrees with Justin S

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    yup, its called the North-American, Mediteranian, and Britain Liberation Alliance. they actually dont require prior military service, and believe it or not they're actually kinda like that movie "Soldier" where they prefer to get you trained early on so you grow up with their values and thought process.

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