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Where can I find cool unique everyday sneakers?

I wear a lot of vintage boots with small heels and they're starting to hurt my feet as I run around town all day (and around my college campus!) I need some new everyday sneakers. The problem is, I don't really like buying from those huge corporate companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. Because of how they treat their workers, etc. I also don't like that they're covered in logos and brand names. I try to buy used or vintage tennis shoes but often I can't find the style I want in my size. I'm also sick of wearing the same old Converse and Keds styles that everyone has (and those companies are probably bad as well.) I know that Toms and a few others make shoes more responsibly, but I don't really like that style. I like sneakers that look more or less like those old Puma Speed Cats (not skate shoe-like but not running-shoe like either.) Does anyone know of some companies that aren't completely evil but make nice casual tennis shoes (that also aren't super expensive)? Or maybe an online store or store in Portland, OR with great sneakers? Thanks.

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    get some punk rose shoes that are colorful, high tops (converse have tons of colors), or plain white shes that you can color in w/ permanent markers (takes long time but turns out awesome!!!!♥)

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    Why don't you just wear something you like? How can something be unique and individual, yet something someone told you to wear? Look around at Journeys, they might have some things that you like.

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