Do you know scientists that studied acids?

I neeed to know at least 5 scientists that studied acids veryurgently and maybe a link (wikipedia or any other site) to information about them. Please Help! Thanks!!!

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    Svante Arrhenius devised the early theory that an acid is anything which increases H3O+ concentration when added to water.

    Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted and Martin Lowry came up with the theory that acids are species which donate protons to other species. (look up Brønsted-Lowry theory of acids)

    Gilbert N Lewis's definition of acid states that an acid is any species which can accept a pair of electrons from another species. (look up lewis acid)

    Lawrence Joseph Henderson and Karl Albert Hasselbalch devised the equation for calculating the pH of a solution. (look up henderson-hasselbalch equation)

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    Your question was

    Do you know scientists that studied acids?

    and my answer is

    No, I don't know any scientists that studied acids.

    lol ( hope this helps ) (not)

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