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I just read that Plushenko awarded himself the 'platium' medal on his website in lieu of his 2nd place showing?

Who agrees with him?

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  • Jess H
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    10 years ago
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    The poor sportsmanship displayed by Plushenko is shameful.

    This is not the behavior of an olympic athlete; this is the behavior of a spoiled celebutard who insists he must always have his way.

    Way to tarnish the end of your career. Plushenko, you will *forever* be remembered as the bratty little b*tch who lost in vancouver and couldn't be a man and take it. What a total and compete loser.

    Evan Lysacek's performance was CLEARLY the better performance. Yes, Plushenko did a quad, but that's only one move out of an entire routine. There is more to the performance than ONE move, and Plushenko can't get past that. Lysacek skated smoother, his routine was more intricate, and he landed his jumps PERFECTLY, while Plushenko looked clumsier.

    The Olympic committee is EXTREMELY serious and protective about how their medals are used and displayed. I wouldn't be a BIT surprised if they strip him of his silver medal after this stunt. Would serve him right.

  • demaio
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    3 years ago

    First, Evgeni stepped onto the medal podium by utilising leaping from the gold spot to his silver spot. Then he stated awarding the gold medal to a skater who did no longer carry out a quad is a step backward for the sport. Now, he has offered himself the platinum medal. Even Russia's PM stated that Evgeni's silver is particularly a gold in Russia. those are infantile antics that would desire to no longer be tolerated! Plushenko is boorish, bratty, cocky and not in any respect what a real Olympian might desire to be! If he feels he did no longer deserve the silver, possibly he might desire to provide it to Takahashi (the third place winner), who in turn can award his bronze to Lambiel, the 4th place finisher. Then he ought to proudly positioned on his make-shift platinum! Evan Lysacek gained for his superb ingenious and technical software and his gold isn't tarnished by utilising Plushenko's immaturity!

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I don't get why he came out of retirement. I mean, he could have stayed in retirement with his gold and silver metals and all would have been fine. Now after all his BS he just seems like a sniveling whinny baby. What a loser. Oh, and Evan had a way better performance.

    On a side note, I'm also disappointed that Elvis Stoiko (retired Canadian figure skater) agreed with Plushenko...just sad. I guess the older figure skaters just don't get the new way of judging. I personally like it. It means you have to be graceful and creative, nut just know how to jump and land.

  • Ms V-
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    10 years ago

    I guess if giving yourself a megalomaniac award makes you feel better, fine. I used to think he was arrogant but with some merit. Now he's just getting kinda creepy. Disagreeing with the judges happens. But running off to tell teacher the other boys were being unfair isn't exactly normal. Maybe he wasn't quite ready for a comeback.. or at least a realistic one.

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  • 10 years ago

    People will always find things to complain about especially cheap ones. Political Correctness is ridiculously out of hand. Actually his wife just made a joke about the medal being platinium, please be careful your source is corrupted!

  • scrgrl
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    Being that there's no such thing as a platinum medal, I'll let him have it if it makes him feel better. And to think I used to like him...

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Haha that's sad. They should strip his medal and send him back to Russia and stay there.

  • Mr.B
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    10 years ago

    Well, he IS entertaining, but with these antics it is more and more difficult to take him seriously.

    But I don't agree with him, Lycasek deserved the gold.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He is embarrassing himself, his sport and his country.

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