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Death penalty for man underpaying his electricity bill?

In Saudi Arabia, a very poor man was sentenced to death for not paying his electric bill.

He lives on the most tiny amount of electricity of all, which is simply to allow him to have a light on in his house. So he has no TV, radio, computer, nothing; and he cooks with gas and has gas heating, which is hardly ever used.

He gets paid nothing hardly at all.

He was given a lamp for his birthday which is more economical at using electricity to save him money, so he plugged it in to see if it works and it did.

However this meant that he used $0.01 equivalent more power to try his light out, which means that he used more power than he can afford.

He then got dept threats, and he could not repay the dept; which accumulated interest of 10% a week as punishment for not paying it. Eventually his dept reached $100 equivalent dept after 2 years and 4 weeks of multiply his bill by 10% x 10% (which is ($0.01 x (1.1 ^ ((2 x 52)+4)) = $103.54).

The dept police (a department in the government) took him to jail and locked him up for 6 weeks with no food, just water.

He was beating with a crow bar, and given 1,000 lashes over the anus; which was then followed by them pouring petrol all over his body and set fire to him, and he burnt to death. He was too weak to even screem in agony.

31 years later, a letter of appology was given to him mother who witnessed him die "We have make a slight mistake in our calculation of your sons bill; which was actually with in the amount siad to be owed" and they paid her back the $0.01

What do you think of this for a strict financial law?


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    Worst law I ever heard of.. Hope it gets changed.

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