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What are your IT-related concerns in the workplace?

If you are a non-IT professional who oversees IT vendors or your company network, are there topics you would like to know more about but do not have the time or resources for continuing education? How do you keep up with emerging technology?

Just curious.


Would you consider joining a local meetup group as a way to learn? This group is not for IT professionals but for office managers and small business owners who need to cover their small to medium-sized IT network. What do you think about something like this:

Update 2:

I appreciate your contributions here but where in my question did you read that I am a manager who doesn't know anything about computers? That was pretty presumptious as well as condescending. I am asking non-IT personnel for opinions. Period. BTW, many smaller companies must hire employees who cover multiple duties. They do not need a full-time certified IT tech to design and manage "network" of only two computers. And yes, I just happen to understand cloud computing. Silly me.

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    Magazines. They boil things down pretty well. Also, talk to your IT people. Find the nerdiest of them (i can say this because i am one) and just talk. They will most assuredly be keeping up with the latest trends.

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    That's a difficult question. That can be applied to anything in life. You need to find someone in IT and keep them close. Cloud Computing is taking over. That's probably too advanced for you.

    I don't understand how you can expect to manage someone and not know anything about it...??

    I guess companies are still ignorant to who really runs a business.

    You should learn as much as possible about servers. Active Directory is huge. TCP/IP ,UDP, Topologies, Subnetting, ACL's, Group Policy and any Cisco training will help

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