What is your definition of evil?

It's so subjective.

I believe bigotry is evil, others think the people I consider bigots to be 'upright, decent' people. So what is your definition of evil?

The word is banded about a lot, so what do you consider to be evil?


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Denial of one's own soul

  • 6 years ago

    Barney the dinosaur

  • Ivette
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    4 years ago

    I would say evil is when someone has no empathy for others and performs cruel acts without any kind of guilt or remorse. This is what we call humanity the ability to look beyond our own gains and feel sorrow and love for others even though it may not be beneficial to us. Selfish people are not evil but people who dont care about others at all or enjoy hurting them in my eyes are evil.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Evil is a sentient act, that causes pain/misery/etc for at least one other consciousness* being, done for personal gain.

    *This is defined as being alive and capable of experiencing feelings/desires.


    Maurog III: So a person you wouldn't like, and don't know, being tortured isn't evil?

    Guardian Angel Mitchell: That wouldn't work. You're looking at the net effect. It is possible to hurt a few to increase the quality of the many. Such a net result could be an increase in the quality of life in the net sheme (or at least be null result) which would imply no Evil.

    Because Forehead: Morality is subjective, but Evil isn't.

    Kenny O: Flawed. Homosexuality is against God's will. Homosexuality is common place in nature. Therefor nature is against God?!

    J G: selfishness is not Evil. It can be good or bad, but is truely the only rule of life. Without selfishness, we would not exist.

    "When you do something nice for someone, or you are considerate, or generous, it most often has the opposite effect." This is also selfishness. You are doing something nice for the reward it causes, even if that reward is simply the good feeling you get from doing it. Truely, no living person would do something without a reason, even if that reason is "because it is right".

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    To me, darling, evil is rooted in a kind of indifference to others that divides and then diminishes and dehumanizes people based on that division. It is unable to discern our common humanity and sets limits on who is defined as important or worthy or even human. It demonizes or dehumanizes "the other," meaning those with whom the evil person does not identify. It blandly considers itself to be better than others because of some self-defined quality or characteristic. It is indifferent to the suffering or interests of people to whom the evil person does not consider himself connected. It calmly accepts or supports injustice against those it does not consider worthy or human.

    I agree that bigotry and intolerance are evil, darling, because they indicate that the intolerant or bigoted person has felt justified or able to narrowly define who is considered human, and considers their definition to be reasonable.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It's not really subjective. All the court cases prove it, the genocide of the indigenous people. How Australia won the bid for the Olympics must have been via bribery with their track record. Canada is not much better withs its court case to try and force the United Churches to disclose where they buried the bodies of over 50'000 indigenous children under their care.

    The church seems to like kidnapping indigenous kids and then murdering them, turning them into slaves etc. Machine guns against sticks and stone. We come in peace my @$$, more like here comes the genocide.

    Practicing Shaman... quantum physics rocks

  • 10 years ago

    morally wrong or bad.

    I do not define evil as it's own entity. Evil has no influence over mankind. Evil is just a word we attach to actions or thoughts others have that are morally wrong or bad.

  • 10 years ago

    David Pretswell

  • 10 years ago

    I've heard people say the root of all evil is money but I have to disagree. I believe it is selfishness. If you look at every thing people do that's wrong or bad it's because they were thinking of themselves and not others.

    When you do something nice for someone, or you are considerate, or generous, it most often has the opposite effect. Unless the person is selfish... their loss.

  • HD
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    10 years ago

    Evil is... An action so heinous that it provokes a visceral emotionally negative response -

    Dr. Michael Stone author of Anatomy of Evil

  • 10 years ago

    all dictators fit that bill, many serial killers if not all, pedophiles who stalk, watch, calculate and manupilate

    any human/animal that finds pleasure or nothing at all, has no emotions or care in torutring, harming, hurting, and killing others, takes time to plan and calculate it out

    to think its a means to an end and having no enjoyment is just as 'evil' as finding enjoyment out of it

    to me, bigotry is just another human flaw, and even an animal one, animlas can be bigots, we just dont asociate them with the word

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