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我差一個guiding question答唔到

3)When did walled-village appear?


S.1 is requested to finish homework after the museum visit.

Question:Assume that you are the Tourist Ambassador of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Recently, your director has asked you to design a pamphlet to introduce the history and the characteristics of a walled-village. The followings are the guiding questions to lead you to finish this homework:

1)What is a walled-village?

2)What kind of people lived in it?

3)When did it appear?

4)What kind of customs that could be found in it?

5)other characteristics that you find.

It is an individual home work. the size should be in A-4 Sized paper(in double-sided printing and must be coloured). The number of pages of the pamphlet clings to the amount of the information that you find. Also, students must use English and they are reminded to hand in their homework on or before 3/3/2010 (Wed). Any late submission of homework will risk deducting conduct mark .


因為d questions 用 it ... 搞到我好頭痛呀....


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    Wall 是牆。那被牆包圍起來的村子是甚麼呢?圍村是也。題目是 [...of a walled-village],集中講一條村便可以了。但 introduction 仍要 general,即是你要先介紹甚麼是圍村?甚麼人住在裡頭?圍村是何時開始出現等,然後再講你想介紹的那條圍村。

    The existing walled-villages in Hong Kong are not many. You can find information you want from the Wikipedia or the Antiques and Monuments Office's website. But please do not merely copy from the websites.

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    Are U Ho Fung-er?

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