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Your class wants to do something to help clean up the environment .

your group has been asked to organise some activities for this .

Discuss :

1. What students can do to clean up the environment .

2. How you can promote these activities

3. how the syudents will benefit from these activities

4. anything else you think is important

thx for help ~

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    -form a team for cleaning up the environment

    -put more rubbish bins in school

    -encourage students not to throw rubbish in the street

    -join some voluntary activities the beach

    -use the propaganda poster to promote the activity

    -students who good in art-->draw the poster

    -let the students know the importance of environmental protection

    -better environment,better living standard

    -it is our responsibility to protect our environment

    -let them know it is very easy for them to do it


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    place a rubbish bin and a recycling bin near the door

    set up rules in the classroom, write them in a poster, and stick it up

    students take turn to clean the classroom everyday

    choose 2 student to be prefects and are resbonsible to the tidiness of the classroom

    students who left rubbish or did something that make the environment dirst will be punished


    put up regulations in the classroom wall

    set up penalties for students who did things against the rules

    students who volunteer to clear up the classroom will be awarded


    they will understand the importance of cleaning the environment

    start keeping their environment clean

    be environmental-friendly

    be responsible to the tidiness of the environment

    have self-disipline

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    1. - campaign for dividing bottle, paper, plastic into different color recycle bin

    - suggesting the lunch box provider by using recycable lunch boxes

    - using the drying machine instead of the paper after going to bathroom

    - a lot of planting is needed to greenish the school environment

    - air conditioner can be used above 25 degree, fan should be used instead

    2. - posters posted on the board

    - announce in the morning assembly

    3. - know the importance of being evironmental-friendly

    - topic is added between students or students with their parents

    4. The school can hold activities e.g. being volunteers in the wetland park / WWF etc , help to plant or becoming a tour guide , it will be a great experience for the students to learn more environmental knowledge.

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