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dual monitor laptop

Could someone explain the following for me please?

1. For a laptop connecting to a projector and switching with the F7 key, what jack does it use? How is the jack different from connecting with a dual monitor (enabling two different screens)? Do they use the same or different jack?

2. How can I tell if a laptop has the jack for a dual monitor support?

Thanks a lot! Urgent please.


ppluihk, you did not answer the question, I knew what F7 will do but want to clarify between switching monitors and access to both monitors (with the mouse drag and drop).

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  • Peter
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    1 decade ago
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    The lap top should have a VGA port for connecting external monitors. When you press F7, it will toggle among "laptop display", "external display", and "both".

    If your laptop does not have a VGA port, you probably can try to USB but I do not have of information on this.

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