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How do you gain close friends in community college?

How do you gain close friends in community college?

It seems impossible sense I left high school all of my SUPER close friends... have just kinda drifted away. I NEVER see them, we have all gone in our separate directions. Its driving me INSANE. I have NO close dude friends, None, I mean close, like go to the gym and your fine changing in front of each other. To me this is a big deal, I never had a real brother

but in high school I kind of did, Now he's gone.

It seems I have almost forgotten how to do this? Again I don't have AND "bro" friends to chill with... I know this may sound immature, but I miss paint balling, air softing, dirt biking, changing in the same freaking room! I miss being a GUY! I miss arm resling, I miss getting muddy on rainy days playing sports. Seriously, for awhile I was questioning my sexuality, why? Because as ironic as this sounds, I don't have any guy friends, ya know, no pecking order, no football, no nothing, no brotherhood.

I feel... Like Im some preppy aviation major "which I am". CONSUMED by school with no muddy cloths, no hangout spots, nothing... its so empty... been going like this for almost a year now. And I feel like snapping! Advice?!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This is a great question...

    I personally don't attend community college, but some of my good friends from high school do. It does seem that both (1) people tend to drift apart after high school ends, or that (2) community college can feel like an extended version of high school, and that it can be hard to make new good friends.

    I would try getting to know some of the people in your classes, OR better yet, start chatting with people that you find at the gym, paint balling, or when you are out doing some other sort of hobby that you like.

    It is often hard for adult men to make new friendships, but that's primarily because we don't often start new friendships or try hard to meet other guys (usually due to the fear of being labeled "gay"). I would ignore doubts about sexuality or self-confidence and just actively try meeting people in the day-to-day environments that you find yourself in.

    Also, you may want to try transferring to a 4-year college. In California (where I'm from), a lot of my friends are currently applying to transfer to some of the UCs to get their Bachelor's Degrees. Even though this may be a frustrating process, once you get to a 4-year college or university you'll have a ton more chances to meet new people.

    Hopefully all of this helps! Good luck making new guy friends! :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Find out what local teams are looking for members. Social sports?

    Get some "study buddies".

    Move into share accommodation with some other students.

    Arrange a paint-ball weekend with your old buddies.

    Check out other social groups or volunteer groups in your area.

    Good luck!

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