do any couples therepists or marriage counselors out there use astrology to counsel?

im just asking if anyone knows anyone

or if you are a person that uses it


you believe in God right? astology is one of the same kind. like god it is not scientifically accepted but lately ive been figuring out most of astrology, and by most i mean 90% and more, is really accurate when you get into the meat of it

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    Astrology in relation to Psychology and therapy was pretty popular in the late 70's to early/mid 80's. I majored in psychology. I discovered there were books on it in the library that were dated during that time. I think astrology can be pretty helpful and even accurate in behavior analysis in couples therapy if a natal chart is done for both partners. People tend to think that your sun sign is all there is to astrology and that is dictates your primary motives and really is a only a piece of the puzzle.

    A natal chart is like the whole puzzle. Phyllis F. Mitz is a couples therapist and she uses astrology with psychology to help her clients. She has a book titled "Astrology's Secrets to Hot Romance: How to Find True Compatibility and the One Who's Right for You" , and a book titled "You're Every Sign". I like the book. It's not an academic book that a student would refer to, just for entertainment....but it is very interesting and I think she has blended psychology and astrology together very well for each sign and each couple match by sign to sign. "The Inner Sky" by Steven Forrest is a very good book on astrology...very intelligently written.

    Astrology can be very accurate in describing people in personality, behavior, etc. It is considered a spiritual science in India, and is taken very seriously as a profession over there. They use "Vedic" astrology to match couples to marry and in everyday life. People don't realize that the sign you are born is not the sign you remain your entire life. You progress into the following signs as you age, and more than one sign applies to each individual. There is the popular "sun sign" that everyone is familiar with, the rising sign, the moon sign, and so forth. They all fit in your personality and behavior.

    Source(s): Books I actually have. Studied Psychology and Metaphysical Studies as well.
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    I think regardless of whether people go or not the reality is that when people are engaged they think love will conquer all. It all depends upon the type of the relationship between the couple such as have they talked about future, kids, how they deal with disagreements. Dating and living together before or after marriage changes a relationship. You really get to see each other in all your glory. I've not been to marriage counseling. I am open to it should I feel that my husband and I would require it in future. We dated 9 years during which we lived together for 8 years. If we had not lived together prior to marriage, counseling probably would be beneficial. We have been married for 3 years. I was 31 at the time.

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    My boss at work uses it to know who she is working with... for her it is great. She can tell why two people do not get along or so much more about others. For her it makes her a better supervisor in many ways, it has made all the difference working for her. I sure it works the same in couples if the person knows enough about it.

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    If the therepist went to school at clown college maybe.

    Source(s): hahahaha leslie k are you serious? astrology? like the stars are going to tell you how your life is going to unfold? that's not even sane; do you also believe in a) santa, b) bigfoot, or c) harry potter?
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    If it's used as anecdotal reference, OK.

    Otherwise, I'm not a screw-ball.

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