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Has anyone actually used ATF+4 Transmission Fluid in a Pre-1987 Dodge/Chrysler 3 Speed Automatic Torqueflite ?

Ever used that in one of those transmission?. The Dealer is telling me to use it.

In the manual it says to use Mopar ATF PLus or Dexron II (those were the spec brand oils in the 80's) Now it's ATF+4 or Dexron III and higher.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, you can do that. If you read the fine print on the ATF+4 it says that it is compatible with all earlier fluids. But most professionals, including me, will not advise you to mix lubricants. The best thing to do is have the trans flushed using the +4 as the new fluid then drop the pan and replace the filter and again top it off with +4. This will replace all of the fluid in your transmission with the new +4 so you wont have any cross contamination issues. The +4 is a partially synthetic blend and it's best not to mix it with non synthetic fluids if possible.

    I own a 95 Toyota Tacoma and a 90 YJ Wrangler with automatic transmissions and back in 2004 I flushed and serviced both of them replacing the fluid with ATF+4 because I could buy it cheap working for a Chrysler Dealer. I've put 60K on the Tacoma and serviced it twice since then and use the jeep every weekend in the summer and they haven't missed a lick. Fluid always looks and smells like new.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): Master Technician. 25+ yrs. Shop Foreman at a Dodge Chrysler Jeep Dealer.
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    Here is the Skinner on Chrysler ATF (automatic transmission fluid). The ATF was the base type of transmission fluid on Chrysler/Dodge units. Around 1984, Chrysler had a problem with their lock up torque converters slipping when engaging. They used an additive to stop this. It changed the ATF to ATF1. A few years later they had a problem with the electronic controlled A- 604 so they added another product to the ATF1 and that changed it to ATF2. As time went by, they encountered other problems in the 604 (now known as the 41 TE transmission). And finally we have the ATF4, which is the latest and greatest of all ATF's. To my knowledge one can use the ATF4 in all Chrysler transmissions present and past. But you aren't suppose to use Dextron or plain ATF in any that specifies ATF1, ATF2, ATF3, or ATF4 because it doesn't have all the additives for that transmission.

    Source(s): Chrysler Master tech Retired.
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