Aliens and ghosts... :o are they real or just a total myth?

what are your thoughts? plz go in detail

and experiences with either of them?

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    I beleive in aliens and in a way ghosts, which is weird because i work next to a morgue in the basement of a hospital and ive had some very weird experiences, sudden drop in room temperature, things being thrown across the room. One time i heard someone whisper "Alan" to me and the next day some kid called Alan comes walking out of the morgue crying cause he was there to identify his mum. I only happened to overhear the mortician or whoever speaking to him and using that name. Ive had alot of weird encounters down here but i attribute it mostly to my setting i mean i see dead bodies go by my office all the time and im the only one down here so its usually silent, so i mean i put it down to my mind playing tricks on me and if there were ghosts why the hell would they hang around this place? but if there is such a thing as ghosts hopefully they won't get in my way when im trying to work!

    About aliens, i saw a ufo with my dad when i was out fishing a few years back, we were in the country camping out for the night and we heard a noise it was sorta like that buzzing vibrating noise in the ground when you stand too close to an electric pilon we looked up and saw a long round shape it was all light up and as soon as we looked at it, it went out and appeared over on the other end of the sky it kept doing this for about 10 minutes then dissapeared. I find that to be my most extrodenary experience cause i still can't explain it to this day.

    All in all it's pretty much personal beleif, all the stuff i seen could probably be explained away by some proffessor of some kind and i have absolutly zero proof and all my facts could be skewed thanks to the terrible human brain. But personally from what ive seen i beleive and i cant say that for everyone.

  • King E
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    When man advances space travel and lands on another planet that has life, who would be the alien? The fact is, there are aliens all around, they may be in the form of a microbe but they didn't originate from planet earth. We are the aliens, we were not here origenally when the earth first formed. When we consume this planet, we will invade another. Ghosts on the other hand are simply the unspent energy of life that did not escape through the porthole, thus remaining trapped until the porthole opens to let it pass.

  • 5 years ago

    Aliens will also be truly. Scientists agree on that the universe may be very very massive (like too significant). Since the universe is highly colossal, it is vitally not going that people are the one shrewd and tricky species within the universe (and by way of shrewd and tricky, I imply beings that experience cognizance and talk in languages etc). Another factor is that there's additionally a probability there are different "Earths" that means they have got tricky beings corresponding to people. For ghosts, that field is controversial. There particularly is not any "concrete" proof that shows ghosts are truly. For technological know-how to agree that some thing exists, like ghosts, they must be equipped to touch it and practically speak with it in an excessively formal study atmosphere. This is going the equal method for extraterrestrial beings too. So to reply your query, extraterrestrial beings will also be truly whilst ghosts is also somewhat stretch, however once more whatever is feasible.

  • D
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    It's a big, big universe. Aliens probably exist in some form somewhere, but whether or not they've ever been here is debatable.

    It's a big, big universe. Most people believe in some kind of existence other than this life, and if you believe a person's soul can go to heaven, hell, limbo, or reincarnate after they die, it seams reasonable to believe those souls can interact on some level with our world.

    My experience with aliens is limited to the human variety.

    My experience with the paranormal is subjective and probably only interesting to me.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People that say they have experiences with them are just desperate for attention. I'm sorry, it's true, it's like Silvia Brown and other 'physics'.

    That isn't to say I don't believe in them. I think ghosts are completely made up. I don't believe in any sort of life after death.

    Aliens are different. There are billions and billions and billions and billions of miles of space out there? Where does it end? Does it even end? How? Does space just stop?

    To think that there isn't something else out there is just sort of (IMO) ignorant.

  • 1 decade ago

    well not sure about aliens but ghost are real my house is haunted cause my house is old and was in the war of 1812. and i think its haunted by old soldiers cause i here noise in my attic and i swear i saw a shawdow figure in my house so i think ghost are real but aliens not sure.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they are the same........demonic forces bent on turning humanity away from the truth of christ !

    aliens are to make people think there is life else where in the universe and ghosts are to make people think that there is no judgement and you get to just hang out........WRONG!

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