can someone please help me?

for homework in history i have to write a list from a-z of things that had to do with the great depression. then write a sentence with them. can someone please give me some good suggestions? i really need help. i've 3 exceptions which i can skip so i'm gonna skip x,y, and z (because what the hell starts with those letters that had ANYTHING to do with the great depression)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    a - America, where it originated.

    b - Black Tuesday, banks, bonds

    c - crash, as in the the stock market crash

    d - deflation, debt

    e - economy

    f - Federal Reserve System

    g - Gold Standard

    h - Herbert Hoover

    i - interest

    j - jobs

    k - Keynesian economics

    l - labor force, liquidation

    m - money

    n - New Deal

    o - output (many people believe that the economies were expanding and producing too much)

    p - poverty, pessimism

    q - quantity (sorry, couldn't think of anything else)

    r - railroad, Roosevelt, rates, recession

    s - stocks/shares

    t - trade (international trade plummeted), twenties/thirties (when it started/happened), taxes

    u - unemployment

    v - vegetable gardens

    w - World War 2, Wall Street

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