An interest in game level design, programming, or general creation?

I have a deep interest and motivation towards the creation of games, something that people can look at in awe, amazed by how puzzling, entertaining and exhilarating an electronic game could be, and I can say, yeah, i did that.

There is just one problem, I don't know how... I have the motivation, ideas, and mind to become someone who works with video games, but no idea how.

What classes do i take in high school? in college? what college do i attend? how do i break-in to the industry, and more importantly, why does it seem (at least to me anyways) that either no one knows, or is willing to post on the internet the answers to these types of questions.

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    Well if you want to learn about game programming then here are some resources you might find to be helpful...

    You would first need to learning a programming language like C++...if you don't know C++ then you should go to because it shows you how to download the FREE Microsoft's version of their Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Visual C++ 2008 Express and use it to create C++ programs…and they also include many video tutorials for learning C++:

    The websites FunctionX and Programmingtutorials have many free tutorials for learning about Microsoft Excel and Access, Oracle, C++, Java, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Website Creation, C#, Visual Basic, etc.

    You can also use and go to YouTube to find many free tutorials, ebooks, online forums and other information for learning C++, game programming, and etc.

    There are many forums for game programming and etc…you can ask them for any advice and information has many good books, DVDS, and etc. for learning many things

    C++ Game Programming

    DirectX is a multimedia application programming interface (API) used to create many video would need to know C++ programming BEFORE learning DirectX programming

    Introduction to Game Programming...sometimes it would be better to get a good book for game programming because it would show step by step on how to produce a good video game and some of these books include a free or trial program like BlitzBasic or Blitz3d which would allow you to create some simple 2D or 3D video games

    Your local library or store may have these items

    Good luck and I hope this helps!

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    Start as a tester. To get hired as a tester you need good communication and English skills (or whatever language your country uses).

    A major in software engineering or computer science is good for programmers.

    Start making games now. Make small little flash games or apps. Read tutorials to find out how. Employers like experience more than anything.

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