How many African-Americans were arrested in Baltimore MD, in 2009?

I am trying to find a breakdown of arrests by race in Baltimore, MD (the more recent, the better). I need to determine if minorities are disproportionately arrested (I think I can safely say they are) and if possible, for which offenses. For some reason I can't find any data from the Baltimore Police Department or Baltimore Department of Public Safety. Thanks!


And yes, I've been researching this for WEEKS. If anyone can tell me where this data would be available, I'd be very grateful. I found numbers for 2009 cited by the Baltimore Sun, but those articles did give the source of the data.

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  • Batsu
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    1 decade ago
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    You are likely not going to find the answer to that question without going through every single arrest record in Baltimore. Why? Because keeping track of arrests of different races could be viewed as a tool for profiling, and no department wants to be accused of that.

    The FBI tracks the Uniform Crime Reporting statistics for the country, and that is likely the most comprehensive data you will find without actually wading through the arrest records. Even then, URC only tracks major crimes, and keeps no record of age, race or gender. Individual city halls might keep more detailed records, but I doubt it. You might have more luck through non-profit groups, such as NAACP, who might compile those statistics manually in order to look for trends against minorities.

    Here is the UCR link at th FBI website. It is only up through 2008.

  • Aaron
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    1 decade ago

    i dont know the exact number but its the population of Baltimore minus seven.

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