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Alaskan Malamute wolves?

I am getting one in like less then a year (Don't start now, please. they are perfect pets and been as pets for like 5 centurys so I am not a sinner to keep it home, in a large yard by the way and walk it in nature often)

I wonder why people call them dogs, my uncle is getting me one and he said it's a wolf... He knows enough about animals too.

And another question, I heard they howl at full moon (no I am not a psycho who belives in curses but still) can it bring some kind of bad luck? because I know when DOGS howl it's a bad sign...

Also are they agressive a bit more then dogs? because I am getting a male and males are more agressive so...

Also my uncle told me they eat special food to be healthy and beautiful, so what kind of food would you advice? Yeah, meat for sure but what other?

it would be nice if u could tell me any minuses and danger sides about them also any pluses too.

Any information about them would be nice!

PS: negative comments will be automatically reported and blocked

Thanks alot! =))

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    Your uncle appears not to be terribly intelligent, or you have misinterpreted his statements. Alaskan Malamutes are DOMESTIC DOGS. Not wolves. Been domesticated for a very very long time. Domesticated for 5 centuries = NOT A WOLF. Wolves are WILD, by definition not domesticated. Different animals.

    Howling dogs do not bring bad luck

    Male dogs are not necessarily more prone to aggression of any sort

    Malamutes are wary. When they do bite, they can cause a good deal of damage due to the amount of strength in their jaws. A well-socialized mal is not any more prone to aggression than other breeds, however a poorly socialized mal will be wary of strangers and may bite to defend itself.

    They should eat either a properly formulated and balanced raw diet or a high quality kibble- JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DOG.

    They are very independent and can be difficult to train. they are unsuitable for a first-time dog owner. They are high energy and if you don't fulfill their exercise and training needs, they will become destructive and will be a poor pet.

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    Alaskan Malamutes are dogs, not wolves. They do howl sometimes, but a full moon is not a special trigger for them. They are no more or less aggressive than other dogs. All dogs have their own quirks and stubbornness, and generally have specific ways of training them. This makes each breed of dog an individual. They are not by any means recommended for beginner dog owners as they are not low maintenance. They need a good quality dog food like all dogs out there. There is no special food made just for that breed. Also, it takes 2 people to block someone on this forum. So if someone leaves a negative comment, not only would it not be deleted if it wasnt against their guidelines, but it needs 2 people to report it, and it to be against their guidelines, for it to be blocked.

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    Alaskan Malamutes are closer to the wolf lineages than most breeds. However they are still a domesticated DOG. Most all dogs will exibit barking/howling behaviors that can be similar to wolves, however the husky/malamute breeds appear to express these traits more readily. Careful socialization and obedience training will minimize/eliminate undesirable behavioral characteristics (biting, aggression, anxiety). Generally, you will want to make sure the food has quality protein to help with coat/skin health, and sometimes added fatty acids can help as well (not only for skin but their joints).

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    The Alaskan Malamute is a dog. Not a wolf.

    A minor amount of research would tell you that. Don't listen to everything you hear. Find out for yourself.

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