What are the chances of dying from pneumonia?

I'm a 14 year old male and I recently had basal pneumonia. I'm feeling better now, but still worrying alot. I was wondering what are the chances someone will die from pneumonia.

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    Hospitalized Patients. For patients who require hospitalization for pneumonia, the mortality rate is between 10% and 25%. If pneumonia develops in patients already hospitalized for other conditions, the mortality rates are higher. They range from 50% to 70% and are greater in women than in men.

    Older Adults. Community-acquired pneumonia is responsible for 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalizations in elderly people every year. The elderly have lower survival rates than younger people, and pneumonia and influenza are the fifth leading causes of death in this population. Even when older individuals recover from community-acquired pneumonia, they have higher than normal mortality rates over the next several years. Elderly people at particular risk are those with other medical problems and nursing home patients.

    Very Young Children. About 20% of deaths in stillborn and very young infants are due to pneumonia. Small children who develop pneumonia and survive are at also at risk for developing lung problems in adulthood.

    Patients With Impaired Immune Systems. Pneumonia is particularly serious in people with impaired immune systems, particularly AIDS patients, in whom pneumonia causes about half of all deaths.

    Patients With Serious Medical Conditions. The disease is also very dangerous in people with diabetes, cirrhosis, sickle cell disease, cancer, and in those who have had their spleens removed.

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    I had bacterial pneumonia when I was 14. I almost died from it. Had I not gone to the doctor a second time after he diagnosed me with "just a cold", I would have smothered to death from all the bacteria in my lungs. Luckly I went back and was immediately taken to the hospital and hooked up to an IV with anitbiotics in it. So it is possible, but the doctor found it very strange because it usually only happens to people with immune deficiencies. But I agree that some kind of autopsy and chemical screen should be done on the body to rule out homicide due to the unusual circumstances around the death.

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    Worrying over recent illnesses is natural, but you can relax now that your better.

    These days if treated promptly the chances are on your side however it is still very serious particularly for the young and elderly.

    Take good care of yourself but don't be over-concerned if things are back to normal.

    As always if you do have any worries see your doctor.

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    In it's middle stages, the chances of expiring are higher for infants and the elderly. If you've come through it, don't worry. You'll live from here on out.

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    At your age, the odds are very low unless you have asthma or other chronic breathing disorder. If you were 45 years older, its about the 6th leading cause of natural death in the US.

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    very good chance dude. i know a lot of people who died from Pneumonia, be-careful!

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    Last time I checked it was about 20%.

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