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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw Enforcement & Police · 1 decade ago

NYPD Harassing women!?

Yesterday a friend of mine traveling from home in Brooklyn to work in Manhattan was accosted in the subway station by 2 police officers. She was reading the directions to her meeting, looking down at the paper, when she realized she had actually walked toward the exit to the subway, not the entrance. Turning around to go toward the entrance she was grabbed by a police officer who called over a second police officer. She is 30 years old, small, white, and was dressed professionally. They demanded identification and would not answer her questions on why they were holding her. Her current Connecticut license wasn't good enough, nor was her Columbia i.d. She showed them the only other info she had, which was her subway card, which they said was also "not good enough". She had no idea what would be good enough as they wouldn't tell her why they had stopped her - using physical force to do so. They told her she should be arrested, that they could arrest her, ignoring any of her questions, humiliating her, purposefully scaring her - in broad day light - and reducing her to tears. They then ticketed her, again without stating a reason. They would not give her their badge numbers when she asked. I want to know this has happened to others. My family, my friend, and her family have been searching the web, filing complaints, and it seems there are some on the NYPD force that are out of control and feel above the law. Does anyone know why in god's name they would have felt accosting her was necessary? We will find justice, because apparently it no longer lies with police men.


Harleydrive & Devil Dog: We have 3 statements from witnesses. This is what went down. It will now be a legal issue, but thanks for your helpless comments anyway.

Update 2:

The above meant for Hoppy Kit, NOT harley drive.

Update 3:

You're would be right, Silver chair, about the license thing, unless the individual is a student, which she is, at Columbia University, the only reason she lives in NY is for school (which is who she works with as well). Again, everyone wishes this wasn't the whole story, but it is and she's not alone. Thank goodness for pedestrians that helped her and watched the ordeal.

Update 4:

And NO ONE said it is right for anyone to break the law. READ before you comment. The police were out of line and this post is asking for why and who else, not piddly comments from those without a hobby.

Update 5:

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sorry, but as long as Raymond Kelly is the NYPD Commissioner, and he's in cahoots w/ Mayor "Millionaire" Bloomberg, there will never be justice...BTW,did you see this morning, where three NYPD-Brooklyn officers were cleared and praised by Commissioner Kelly for "raping" a immigrant with a baton up his butt, and the jurors were threatened w/ arrest if they didn't clear the cops of all charges?

    Now THAT'S the NYPD, always harassing innocent folks and getting away w/ it!

    EDIT:To those who TD'ed me:she IS telling the whole must be fellow NYPD officers from other boroughs who make it a habit to defame others here on Y!A...please stop this harassment!

    EDIT #2:Relax, I'm with you, just ignore "Silverchair"(we here at Y!A have dealt w/ that NYPD officer-from-hell before...he think that it's legal to beat the YKW out of Connecticut visitors w/out reason!) the NYCLU, and put that jerk Kelly on notice!

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sorry, but this story just isn't completely true. It has apparently been glorified to try to justify your case. And attempting to make this about gender is just about as bad as playing the "race card" when the gender of the person in this story is irrelevant. (It's a lame attempt to garner emotional support.)

    Any citation issued to her would have (1) the offense, and (2) The name and badge number of the officer who issued the citation.

    I'm guessing the citation is for not being able to produce valid ID upon request.

    The CT driver's license IS NOT valid. As you stated in your question, she lives in Brooklyn (NY) and works in Manhattan (NY). You usually only have up to 30 days to get the proper license for your state of residence. After that, your ID is invalid, and yes, she could be taken to the station for that while her identity is established. Notice that they did not take her to the station which saved her a lot of time, trouble and money. She should be thankful for just getting a citation.

    No, a student ID doesn't count as a valid form of ID. Her subway card (not sure whether you meant the sandwich store or the mass transit system) is also not a valid ID.

    I'm sorry if you feel that it's OK for her to break the law, but ignorance is no excuse and despite what schools and your parents tell you, you aren't "entitled" to anything. Tell her to get the proper driver's license and she won't have this problem.

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  • wexler
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    3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Many others have been so-called "harassed" by police officers. All you need to do if you want "justice" is go to a NYPD station and file a complaint telling them that two (2) officers told me that I was supposed to be arrested and tell them the specific date, approximate time, and location. They probably will respond to this action because in "big cities" like NY, they care about rank towards other police departments.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey, Silverchair, wait until you hear the rest of the story before you and your Brooklyn officers defame her and the State of Connecticut DMV!...

    I believe her story 100% and you should learn to treat Connecticutians like Donald Trump!...believable and proud of it!

    ANY NYPD official who comes here and defames you should be reported to Internal Affairs!

    P.S.: Thanks, Monty for defending her!

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  • 1 decade ago

    all our police are out of control, this behavior is typical, she has no obligation to tell them anything or even speak to them, trying to do something about it is next to impossible unless you are rich or have powerful friends, it is a regulation that when asked they MUST produce ID and badge number, they could however have been transit police who are failed real policemen on a power trip

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  • 1 decade ago

    She is not telling you everything. It will state on her ticket the reason and who the officers were. So her not knowing the reason and the badge numbers is just a flat out lie.

    EDIT--If she doesn't know any of the information then why doesn't she LOOK AT HER TICKET.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She did not tell you the true story, I am sure. Most NYPD policemen are more professional than any other policeman in the US.

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