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High speed interent help?

What is meant by a high speed internet connection? Whats an example?

thank you.

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  • Jamfo
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    "High Speed Internet" is the blanket description given to forms of Internet connectivity that replaced the old dial-up method of accessing the Internet.

    The old dial-up methods were extremely limited in speed. For the average home user, dial-up speeds topped out at 56kbps.

    That method of reaching the Internet has gradually been replaced by much faster methods: cable, DSL, satellite and even cellular. The speeds on these networks are MUCH greater than that of the old dial-up service. A SLOW cable connection averages around 1.5mbps... infinitely faster than dial-up!

    As these forms of communication were being introduced, they were sold under the name "High Speed Internet" in order to differentiate them from dial-up. The name has since stuck and now generally refers to any of the fast forms of Internet access that have mostly replaced dial-up service.

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  • ciolli
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    4 years ago

    clearwire it is instant - that's merely like a million.5mps tho. and approximately $30 month-to-month or the cable organization could furnish internet too approximately $40 5 month-to-month yet approximately $30 for the 1st 6 months or so

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  • Arie
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    1 decade ago

    ADSL for example or internet via cable.

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