A couple of language questions?

What was the first language ever?

Who made the English language, who decided to initiate it and what roots does it have other than Latin.

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    The first language existed with the first people. Humans speak, it's one of our defining characteristics. Unfortunately, exactly when and were speech develops before that - unclear.

    No one "makes" languages. as the prior poster's links say, language just is. It grows and changes over time. English is an anglo saxon language that was strongly influence by French, Spanish, and through the sciences, Greek and Latin. Anglo-Saxon languages are from the Germanic family, and beyond that belong to an even older family called the "indo Europeans" that includes the romances (french, latin, spanish, italian, etc), greek, cyrillic and hindu.

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    You are really calling for us to write a few books rather than a brief couple of answers!

    The origin of language generally is unclear, as there was nobody who could record its origins in any form we could understand now. http://www.putlearningfirst.com/language/01origin/...

    English as a language simply came into being, as shown by these links.



    http://www.bl.uk/learning/langlit/changlang/across... (I like the 'flea market' description!)

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    I believe the English language stems from the German language. (Saxon)

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