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The Tidy Drawer

At that moment Abby sat on the whoopee cushion and let out an enormous, rude noise. Wow-Wow jumped off his seat and ran away.

"Well!" said Mrs. Hislop and hurried from the room and out of the house.

When the door banged shut Abby and Mum burst out laughing until Mum's moustache hung on by a whisker and Abby's vampire teeth dropped out.

Abby came to sit on her Mum's knee.

"It's fun doing this together," she said.

"Maybe. But we still haven't found the change purse." They both looked at the enormous heap of things spread over the kitchen table.

"Well, you know things will get lost, or broken, when they're all willy nilly," Abby said.

"You cheeky monkey!" Mum laughed. "But what shall I do with it all?"

"I know, it's easy," Abby said and began to scoop everything off the table into her arms. She dumped it all back in the kitchen drawer.

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Mum looked at her suspiciously.

"Let's go and inspect your bedroom shall we."

Abby followed her upstairs and into her bedroom. Wow-Wow was sitting in front of her fish tank looking hungrily at the goldfish. He dashed under the bed when he saw Mum and Abby. Mum kneeled down and lifted the bed cover to get him out. Underneath were heaps of Abby's toys, books, tapes, clothes and shoes, empty plastic cups and wrappers and a half-eaten sandwich on a plate.

"Abby! What's all this?"

"It's my tidy drawer," Abby said. She wrapped her arms around her Mum and gave her a kiss. "Let's sort this one out together now."




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    在被坐的那一片刻 Abby 在那之上表示興奮激動的心情時的叫聲墊子而且放出巨大又粗魯無禮的噪音。 哇-哇跳下他的座位而且逃走。

    "湧出!" Hislop 太太說而且從房間和離開房子催促。

    當門重擊了關閉的 Abby ,而且媽媽爆裂出笑的時候直到被吊的媽媽 ' s 髭在藉著一個腮鬚鬍鬚之上和 Abby' s 吸血鬼牙齒退出了。

    Abby 開始坐在她的媽媽 ' s 膝上。

    "它 ' s 樂趣一起做這," 她說。

    "也許。 但是

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