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Do you think its possible in the middle ages that some french dude slept with a Gypsy and had a bastard child?

and that their could be a gypsy walking around with french people DNA in him/her?

Also what do french people think of Gypsies?

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    This scenario is extremely likely. Many Roma women have consorted with Gorgios along the years and vice versa. The child need not necessarily be a bastard since marriage was possible. Gypsy DNA probably exists even in royal families.

    There are all sorts of gypsies. Those that are real 'Gitans' pride themselves in being clean, honest and law abiding. They have a great respect for family ties and their old folk, and many are strong believers. I have seen quite a few Gypsy caravans that would put a non- Gypsy home to shame, with spotless white curtains, sparkling windows and glassware, and where even the wheels are polished.

    Those that give the rest a bad reputation are the ones that live in squalor, leaving all sort of rubbish where they settle temporarily, and who steal, trick people in dodgy deals or hassle them for money in the streets.

    Sadly a large number of the second kind has flooded Western Europe in recent years and large cities are beset by gangs that organise pick -pocketing and burglary. As mentioned above, the Romanian Gypsies are particularly obnoxious and have devised all sorts of cunning tricks to relieve people of their money, resorting to practices that were not seen in Paris since police cleared the Court of Miracles in the XVII th century. They train their chidren to steal. So French people are very wary of them and give them a wide berth.

    It still remains that the traditional annual Gypsy pilgrimages to the Saintes Maries de la Mer in Provence are well attended by interested spectators. Gypsy music is still popular and the famous Django Rheinhart's jazz has a consistent following in France.

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    Please define French DNA. We are Celt/Roman/Frank/Norman with a dash of Moor, Italian, German, Dutch, English, Spanish, Polish, Swiss...

    As a country we invaded and were invaded for two thousand years, not counting our own armies crossing and criss-crossing France during our own internal wars. Then you have the fact that we are a country which for the last two hundred years have had lots of immigrants from all over Europe, and now from other continents. Talk about gene mix.

    That said, it's a given that some gypsy women had children with Frenchmen during the Middle Ages some 700 years ago, and even closer to our time, and even during our time. It is also a given that Gypsies in France have French DNA as many have French nationality.

    As for what we think of Gypsies, their bad reputation is still pursuing them and making them shunned by the rest of the society, enhanced by the Romanian Gypsies who poured into France and beg and steal in the big cities. And before someone accuses me of being a racist, I had my purse riffled through by a Romanian gypsy kid and fend off the beggars (usually young women and children) regularly so yes, I know what I am talking about. Even the French Gypsies have no love for them.

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    I am gypsy descended. Everyone has mixed inheritance, interbreeding is normal.

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    100% possible. People, in all places and times, like to f&ck attractive people, regardless of their culture.

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